Traffic Racer : An addictive game

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Here is an exciting game with no age bar whatsoever. The inbuilt craze for speed in every human being is usually not possible to be exhibited. One reason is due to lack of facilities. And second the prohibitory orders by law enforcement agencies due to security grounds.

Traffic raccer

The traffic racer game, downloadable from the net both in Android as well as iOS is just the right solution.  That will fulfil that inherent desire of many people especially the younger generation. The app can be updated to latest software.

Endless fun

Traffic Racer game is an endless arcade game is simply a car racing game. Virtually you will be driving, negotiating, overtaking and zoom pasting. And you will hear the screeching sound- almost literally. During the process of racing through the virtual highways you can earn money depending on the speed you drive, the faster you are more you make. No, this earning is not tickets from the police.

traffic racer

And your long felt ambition of owning a new car too can be fulfilled. You can exchange your old car and buy a new one while you are on the track. The only requirement is you beat everyone else in the endless racing.

Mounting excitements

This game changer play is with a 3-dimensional colour display. You can be driving any of the 35 plus cars available. And terrain can be suburb, desert, rainy and city by night. All are virtually created for you to win. And the stimulation is almost next to reality. There are five different modes to choose from- endless, two ways, time trial, police chase and free ride. During the race, you will meet virtually all traffic conditions and vehicles like buses, heavy duty trucks, hatchbacks and SUVs. The scores will be known instantaneously on the dashboard computer. Your skill can be sharpened with the new insights gathered during the game.

On the top

Even though the race car game segment is saturated, the Traffic Race is reigning on top. The very reason is the variety, fun and frolic that can implant on adventurous minds. The race traffic review is very encouraging.

Tech savvy cars

The cars are of latest technological configurations, identifiable by paints and wheels. The steering wheel can be tilted to the desired angle. The almost real accelerator pedal is ready for your push to zoom. And deceleration is by the brake pedal, saving you from collations. You will get points for skilful overtaking besides for racing. What about earning extra points in a two-way head on path and pocket extra benefits?

traffic racer cars

The thrill and excitement are in the air for you to take advanatge. The more you drive you to get more- cash and satisfaction.

With all the different game modes, nothing short of the latest car models and visual treat there is something negative as well, the games are repetitive with no new customer programming possible.

Are you game for a game changer?

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