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No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get away from passwords. Surely, a lot of online services now allow you to sign in through Facebook or Google, but there are a ton others that still force you to go with the traditional protocol. And keeping track of all your login details and passwords can be a huge pain. You can have a single common password for all, but then you would only be a leak away from compromising your accounts. Strongly coded passwords with complex alphanumeric symbols are usually a headache to manage and track. That is where password manager applications come handy; these are tools which allow you save your login details and passwords in an encrypted vault which can be accessed by only you. Check out the top password manager applications on Android that make your life a hell lot easier.

Some Important password manager applications

LastPass Premium:

LastPass is a standout password manager that has been used successfully on desktops; however it features fantastic mobile support as well. This app can be works as an excellent password vault as well as a strong password generator. Its browser lets you to automatically fill in login details and forms while surfing on net and accessing sites on Chrome or Safari browsers. Also users can generate new password and update their list of sites, form fills and secure notes. Access to premium features provides unlimited device syncing, priority support and password sharing.

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Keeper is free and one of the easy to use password manager applications available on Android. It allows storing passwords and other personal information in a well-organized manner and also enables sharing with trusted contacts. It’s built in password generator also helps in creating strong passwords. The app is capable of filling in login information automatically and remembering new passwords as well. Once you sign up for Keeper, you also get a 30 day trial of its syncing systems and cloud backup, after which you can subscribe to any of its backup plans and continue enjoying.


This multi-platform password manager applications is available free for all Android users. Users can easily create, store and encrypt the passwords as well as all other personal information in the storage vault of the app which can further be used for auto filling application forms and logging in to websites. The Google Authenticator support provides an option for a two factor authentication. Dashlane subscribers who have access to premium pack can back up their data and sync them to cloud and access on multiple devices.


This is yet another popular Android password manager set up as one of the freemium systems. It follows the conventional approach of locking all your information and passwords secured by a master password along with a browser for automatic logins. Its search features helps you in easily finding what you are searching for, and Dropbox and iCloud supports allows to efficiently sync your data. Upgrade to its pro version and you can access a variety of other features like password vault sharing and a lot more organizational tools.

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This free Android password manager deftly handles all your mobile password requirements. The password vault in here is offered 256 bit AES SQLCipher encrypted protection and EnPass does not have copies of your vault stored in the cloud, implying one level of less security vulnerability. A built in auto fill browser and keyword is available for users. Also there is an option to sync passwords across various cloud services. EnPass comes with numerous authentication options like fingerprint scan or PIN. This free password manager allows you to store up to 20 passwords, and an in app purchase removes this limit.

SplashID Safe:

The latest iteration of this password manager app allows to securely save login data and other sensitive information in encrypted records. Users have the option of saving various record types, from credit card information to social security data or website logins, along with file attachments and photo captures. Its web autofill option saves you from copy pasting log in details every now and then. This free app features all basic storage functionalities. Upgrade to premium subscriptions for cross device syncing and a lot of other premium features.


Siber System’s Roboform has its own password management system for Android users and Roboform subscribers. The app provides an encrypted storage vault to subscribers for storing passwords and all other sensitive information, which you can sync with your account to other devices. It has its own built in browser for login and form filling and also all new passwords will be saved automatically. There is also a password generator available for generating strong passwords and saving them on mobile devices.

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This Android password management system encrypts all your personal details, password and other information behind one single master password, with an option for additional passwords on specific folders and categories. There is a password generator for quick creation and storage of new logins. Apart from manually feeding new logins, you can even capture information through photographs quickly. Data can be easily backed up over email, Dropbox or iCloud and you can set your vault to self destruct whenever an unauthorized user forcefully tries to access by repeatedly guessing the master password.


Another of the quality password management solutions, mSecure has all your data securely locked within an encrypted vault. Information from the vault can be easily copied to your clipboard and used for filling forms and logins through its built in browser. There are various backup methods to store data locally or on cloud. Also mSecure employs self-destruction of your vault in case of any unauthorized access when someone tries to guess your password incorrectly for a number of times.

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This popular password manager applications provides users searching for an open source option to have control over password management. As compared against other password management systems, this low frills does not support in app database syncing and auto logins, however users can sync their KeePass vaults easily through Dropbox services.

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