Top 20 Android Games- 2016

Gaming experience on mobile devices has been improving at a faster rate than any other technologies that surfaced before it. Whether it is an indie game or with an AAA title, almost all popular and best mobile games are available on Google’s platform. Initially, Android played the second fiddle to Apple’s iPhone in terms of gaming, but not anymore. Be it a puzzle, sports or a fighter game, there is a gamut of options on Android. Here is a roundup of top 20 Android games to download on your phone or tablet and dive in the amazing experience. From surviving the zombie apocalypse to cruising to galaxy during color matching drones or paling around with your favorite Marvel characters, these games are fun and addictive.

top 20 Android games

Top 20 Android Games

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Till date, there have been very few racing games with the same longevity as that of Asphalt 8: Airborne. There’s a metric ton of amazing content in the game that includes single player campaign, time trials, multi-player races, unlockable content and the best part being consistent updates that keep on adding new tracks and new contents. With pretty decent graphics, the game runs smoothly on almost all devices. Yes, there are plenty of amazing Android racing games; however Asphalt 8 has been successful in hitting more sweet spots that all its competitors.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Clash of Clans:

Though some people don’t really fathom the game, a lot more people do and for all the good reasons. Clash of Clans is undoubtedly the most well established and popular multiplayer game among all those that exist in mobile gaming industry. You can also find a single player story that’s kind of short, whereas the multiplayer aspect of it includes clan wars, clans and a lot of stuff to upgrade. The online community is abundant with a ton of guides and Youtube videos on how to play and thus you can easily bridge the gap from a time wasting mobile game to titles that all gamers crave for.


FIFA 16:

Not only is FIFA 16 the hot new game for consoles and PCs, you can enjoy it on your Android devices also, provided you have around 1.4 GB of free storage. With awesome detailing and classic graphics, footballing experience has never been better. The download is free, but it comes with in-app purchases.


Marvel Future Fight:

This attractive game is an immediately engaging addition to the already shining Marvel gaming universe. Start out with Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, who have a quest ahead to gather a group of heroes that can save the world from an imminent trans dimensional threat. After unlocking more characters, you can have them swapped in and out from your trio throughout the levels.

Marvel Future Fight

Speedy Ninja:

The name says it all; you will play an agile Ninja who keeps running across the screen speedily, battling through opponents with fireballs, swords and much more. You need to pay real close attention to what’s happening in both directions while running for making the best decisions and collecting most coins. Speedy Ninja may not be the most inventive endless runner; however it covers all the basics quite well. It has challenging levels, tight controls, flashy graphics and yes, a dragon to ride.

Speedy Ninja

Spider Man Unlimited:

The character of Spider Man fits to that of an endless runner like no other. He swings through New York streets, climbs skyscrapers and fights battles against The Green Goblin, Doc Ock and an entire host of other bad people from the Spider man universe. The feel and look of the game have been borrowed from the comics heavily, with excellent graphics that work amazingly with 3D level design. You may not end up working in an epic plot, but without a doubt, even non Spider-man fans will find the game immensely addictive.

Spider Man Unlimited

Plants vs. Zombies 2:

This is sequel to one of the classic free tower defense games that has become the star of the genre. You employ the services of an assorted shrubbery for defeating a zombie army. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, you will experience an addictive, colorful and well balanced strategic game with endless replay value. Each stage comes up with its unique set of traits, which means that it always throws up new and exciting challenges as you progress further.

Plants vs. Zombies 2


The game may not seem like too much at first since it is just a side scrolling running wherein you need to avoid obstacles and just not let the scrolling screen to swallow you. However, you will be amazed at the depth of this game once you keep digging. There is a real time multiplayer, an adventure mode and the newer updates that came along the 2015 year end also let players to create their own levels.


Fallout Shelter:

It was released in the last year to fantastic fanfare and great positive reviews. This game requires you to build a good fallout shelter and then populate it with more and more people. The most difficult part is managing everything so that your fallout shelter runs well. You need to send out dwellers for supplies into the wasteland and ward off the bad guys who try to kill everybody. You can create communities; make babies and all that kind of stuff. There’s substantial depth within and you can just keep on playing for months before you reach to the point to even realize that it has in app purchases.

Fallout Shelter

Kingdom Rush Origins:

Kingdom Rush Games are all pretty amazing and the most recent title is the Kingdom Rush Origins. This tower defense game is fantasy themed where you have to build towers and then deploy heroes within to fight and defend the towers from bad guys. Heroes and towers have their individual advantages and they can be updated as and when you progress. The game may not be largely complex, but is an enjoyable and all round experience. You can right away make it to the end of the game without using any of the in app purchases.

Kingdom Rush Origins

Minecraft Pocket edition:

Minecraft has always been the popular game all over the world for people belonging to all age groups. For those that haven’t had an experience of it yet, Minecraft takes you inside a giant world where you have to mine stuff, beat up bad people, build stuff and do pretty much everything you need to. In its survival mode, you are required to mine your own food and resources in a creative mode that provides you almost everything unlimited. Updates added in Redstone towards the end of 2015 have bought in even more creative and fun stuffs.



The original title of this game has been ported to Android following great success. This is one of the most popular and recognizable fighting franchises on consoles. Soulcaliber flaunts of improved graphics from its original, Google Play Games services and there are numerous game modes that include survival, time attack, arcade and the most difficult extra survival. On screen controls of the game work amazingly well and add up to make the fighting game inarguably the best game experience on mobile. Its price may be a bit steep; however there aren’t any in app purchases.


Piano Tiles 2:

If you wish to challenge someone in creating some fun music, then Piano Tiles 2 is the game for you. The rules are pretty simple and it’s easy to get you started, just hit the black tiles when the fall down through the screen. In this updated version, you can play with other players in Hall mode from around the globe. The game has tons of fun songs such as Happy New Year or Jingle Bells and traditional classical songs as well. Just master the rhythm and you will make a perfect harmony.

piano tiles 2

Traffic Rider:

This is the first person motorcycle game that defies our everyday traffic rules and rewards you for every close call. Handling the rider feels a lot realistic and is achieved by tilting the device just as if a steering wheel. Its settings are amazingly detailed and even at higher speeds, there’s a crisp picture. Once you can finish a circuit within a certain time limit, you get to unlock a new map. Keep on progressing and you can unlock about 20 motorcycles with varied power, braking and handling. Getting close to other riders will grant you some extra time, so it pays if you are ready to take some risks.

Traffic Rider

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions:

This Geometry Wars series has quite a huge fanbase and it’s been consistently said as one of the most enjoyable and fun indie games ever made. The latest version of this game continues to keep up the proud tradition by bringing in 3D maps construed of different shapes for making the game even more challenging. There are 12 battle modes, 100 levels and they are all played over fifteen 3D grids. You will have numerous super abilities and all the colorful HD explosions that will engage you in an incredible gaming experience.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions


Heroes of Warcraft: After flying into scene in 2014, this game has become the staple of mobile gaming since then. The concept is quite similar to games such as Magic or Pokemon. You have to collect cards, create decks and then duel with other players with the help of those decks. Players can earn gold which would be spent on buying booster packs or Arena mode.  Although there may be some offline components, the game is mostly online. Also you can engage with cloud saving though that allows playing the game on your mobile device or PC interchangeably.


Minion’s Paradise:

There’s always more fun for the Minion fans. The poor little Minions have been deserted upon a tropical island after their cruise ship sunk. Your job is to help Phil build the most amazing minions paradise for his friends. Get to customize your island with hammocks, hot tubs and beach volleyball courts. Grow banana bushels, plant firefly trees and harness the power from the electric eels to make create a paradise for Phil and his little buddies. Join the minions in their quest and get to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Minion’s Paradise


When it comes to puzzle games, simplicity is often the best foundation and that’s probably the reason for this captivating little puzzler. You have to start off with some measly hydrogen and make use of plus and minus atoms for turning it into helium, lithium and so on, till you can end up really good old precious metals such as gold and silver. To start with, it’s quite easy but soon you will find yourself googling the periodic table in an attempt to learn how best you can place the atoms for triggering the most satisfied chemical chain reactions.


Angry Birds 2:

After the endless variations that were offered on the original, Roxio is back successfully with an entirely different iteration of the Angry Birds. The game is available to be downloaded for free, although there are some controversies regarding its approach over in app purchases. Whilst some reviews say that game in its free incarnation is a hoot, others claim that Roxio is more interested to make you pay that letting you play.

Angry Birds 2

The Room 3:

It is the latest addition to The Room series and it has become just as big a hit as its predecessors and together they remain to be the best Android games. For those that haven’t played this game before, The Room is one of the most beautifully designed puzzle games involving various unique objects inside a room that need to be solved for unlocking their secrets. You need to move through rooms to find more unique objects and keep solving the puzzles until you can win the game. The third version of the game includes multiple profiles, cloud saving, alternate endings and similar amazing graphics and puzzles that have driven people to enjoy the first two titles. Also you will not find any in app purchases.

The Room 3

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