Top 15 Essential Android Apps

When talking about Essential android apps, for every category, there are thousands or at least hundreds under different categories to choose from. However, let us gather some details about top 15 of those applications on the basis of the category under which they fall. For instance, as most of us know, security is an important aspect when it comes to your costly android phone and similarly, backup is also essential. There are also many other important aspects and based on the importance, here are the top 15 Essential android apps:


  1. AVG Antivirus:

antivirus app

If you are highly concerned about the security of your phone like many other users, you should opt for a reliable antivirus application and this is where AVG app can come handy. This is a free antivirus application available for Android phones. Besides being free, this app brings with it many features that can keep your phone safe from threats, malware and virus. In addition, you can also protect your phone from theft with this app in place. There is a find/locate option to help you in this regard. With this feature, the app connects your phone to the Google maps and it will share the exact location of your phone. In addition, it will also kill unnecessary tasks taking up your phone’s memory and you can schedule the scan on a regular basis.


  1. Go Backup:

GO backup

To ensure the safety of the data in your phone, backup is something essential and this is where Go Backup can help you. It can backup all your data like call log, contacts, messages and even the applications that are installed. With this app, you can opt for complete back up or can also opt for replacement of specific data alone after a factory reset.


You will surely accept that communication is something that is highly important in the present days of social networking. You can always stay connected to your friends with the following Essential android apps that falls under the category of communication:

  1. Facebook:


Facebook for Android is the official application from Facebook that will help you to keep in touch with your friends, family and also clients through your phone. It will be possible to do real-time chats as well through this app on your Android phone. You can also update your photos and status through this app. In addition, it will sync your phone and Facebook contacts and will show your Facebook data under your contacts.

  1. Twitter:

Tweeting is the real hobby these days for many people and if you are one such individual, this is the app to opt for. You can do everything that you do from the twitter account on your computer through your Android phone with this app.

  1. Viber:


If some of your friends have Viber on their phone, they can contact with each other through this app. You can also combine your community of friends with this app only your phone. Besides sending free messages, you can make free calls from this app on your phone to other people using Viber on their phone. You can also share photos with Viber contacts for free.


  1. Opera Mini:

opera mini

This is one of the widely used and fastest web browsers available for Android users in the form of application. The easy-to-use interface is something that makes this app one of the essential Android apps. Also, the users can see this application either in phone view or in desktop view and the unique compression technology used in this app will help with effective data bandwidth. In addition, you can use multiple tabs at the same time with the tab functionality in this app.

  1. UC Browser:


This is yet another fast browser that supports multi-touch functionality. In addition, this app with help with recognition and navigation through voice commands. However, to make use of the voice control functionality, you will have to install Google Voice on your Android phone. The Cloud Acceleration Technology used by this app will help with quick loading of web pages. In addition, downloading of files at higher speed is also possible with this app.

  1. Dolphin Browser HD:


This is the browser for Android phones with rich features. The plugin integration and the most advanced features cannot be found in another android browser. Some of the features offered by this app include sidebars, tabbed browsing, speed dial, add-ons, gesture control and voice navigation.


  1. ROM Toolbox:

Rom tool box- essential android apps

If you are a rooted user, this is one of the most essential android apps to have in your phone. The reason is that this app will bring a wide range of features to tweak your phone and can help you with enhancing its performance to a great extent.

  1. Battery Defender:

Battery defender

As the name implies, this android app is meant for saving your battery life. The excellent thing about this app is that it is not complex to use like the other apps under this category. It saves the battery by disabling unnecessary processes and applications that run in the background and also switches off Wi-Fi connectivity when the phone is not in use.

  1. Google Reader:

google reader

If you are looking for an application that will help you with reading all the news and feeds at a single place,Google reader is the best app to choose for your android phone. By adding the RSS feeds to this app, you can read all the posts in a specific blog or website with ease.

  1. Olive Office premium:

If you are an individual, who will have to engage in some serious works on office applications through your phone, this is the right app to opt for. Even though, many other apps are available under this category, they are premium apps, but they have similar features like that of Olive Office premium.


  1. Go Launcher:

If you are like many other users, who look for the best customization of your phone, this is one of the essential android apps that should be present on your phone. You will find a wide range of paid and also free widgets, plugins and themes for this app.

  1. QQ Launcher:

There are different features like widgets and built-in locker in this app and the attractive and beautiful layout offers a wide range of transition effects to choose from.


  1. Music Paradise:

If you are more into entertainment, this is the right app to choose. With this app on your phone, you can download free music right to your phone. Just search and download the desired music from a wide selection.

So, these essential Android Apps can take your phone experience to a new elevation. Try them and reap the benefits thereof.

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