Top 10 Uncanny and Eerie Theories in the World of Modern Physics

Physics and interesting theories; are they really different? Matter has subsistence as energy forms where as waves of probability are smoothened roundabout the universe. Existence itself survives as vibrations on trans dimensional microscopic strings.

Let us have a look at some of the fascinating and attention grabbing theories related to modern physics.


Wave Particle Duality


Light and matter both exhibit properties of particles as well as waves concurrently. The findings of quantum mechanics state that particle like properties are exhibited by waves where as wave like properties are unveiled by particles. Grounded on wave equations, quantum mechanics illustrates energy and matter associated with the probability of an existing particle at a specific period and at a specific site.


Theory of Relativity by Einstein


Einstein put forward his theory which is centered on the notion that for all static and accelerating users, the code of physics is the same. This apparently realism principle prophesizes localized effects as a form and mode of special relativity and delineates gravitation to be geometric event as a general relativity form.


Quantum Probability coupled with the Measurement Problem

Schroedinger equation portrays quantum physics mathematically, which states the possibility of occurrence of a particle at a specified spot. A definite outcome results with precise measurements. The theory of measurement problem however, doesn’t entirely enlighten how the statue of measurement can essentially carry this change. Efforts to resolve such challenges have led to some very enthralling and intriguing theories.


Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Werner Heisenberg, an illustrious physicist developed this principle, that states that the extent of precision and exactness that can be attained while quantifying the quantum systems’ physical state, is limited. For instance, the accuracy with which the momentum of any particle is measured is inversely proportional to the exactitude of its position measurement. Heisenberg interpreted it to be a genuine limit and not a technological limitation or a measurement miscalculation.


Quantum Entanglement along with Nonlocality  

Quantum theory proposes that several physical systems might become entangled, which means that the state of one system is right away related with that of another object located somewhere else. When Schroedinger wavefunction folds up the measurement of an object into a solitary state, no matter where the otherwise object is located, it collapses to an equivalent state. Einstein described such influences to be spooky actions and he used his EPR paradox to illuminate this hypothesis.


Unified Field Theory

The theory of unified field aims at reconciling quantum physics with the general relativity theory of Einstein. Specified theories that fall herein are Grand unified theory, supersymmetry, quantum gravity, theory of everything, M-theory/ Superstring theory and loop quantum theory.


The Big Bang


When the general relativity theory had come into being, a probable expansion of our universe was predicted. Georges Lemaitre conceived the idea of the universe being engendered from a sole point. Big Bang was the appellation that Fred Hoyle bequeathed it. Edwin Hubble, in the year 1929, uncovered a redshift in the faraway galaxies, hinting that they were retreating from Earth. Lemaitre’s theory was backed by the cosmic microwave background radiation that was discerned in 1965.


Dark Energy and Dark Matter

The lone significant elementary force of physical science across the astronomical vastness is gravity. But shockingly, somehow the observations and calculations of astronomers do not quite hit a common chord. For fixing up with this, dark matter, an undetected or unseen form of matter was theorized. Recent evidences are found to be supporting the theory. The existence of dark energy is indicated thorough some other works, as well. According to the existing ballpark figure, our universe comprises of 25% dark matter, 70% dark energy and a trivial 5% of visible energy matter.


Quantum Consciousness:

Severe attempts were made by physicists for finding a solution to the measurement problem. But those endeavors led them repeatedly into the consciousness problem. Despite of several efforts to sidestep the matter, it seemed as if there existed a bond in between the willful selection of experiment along with consequences and aftermath of the same experiment.

Most of the notable physicians, Roger Penrose being an illustrious one, suppose that consciousness is hard to explain through current physics. They believe that consciousness is linked with the weird and wonderful quantum realm.


Anthropic Principle

If the universe had been vaguely or marginally somewhat different, existence would have been unfeasible; as depicted by recent evidences. The much debated Anthropic Principle testifies that the existence of universe gives way for the arousal of carbon based life. The philosophical Anthropic theory is said to have proffered an enthralling intellectual puzzle.


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