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Blogs!! If you don’t know what this term insinuates, where have you been?

Very often when we come across the word blog, we perceive it to be something allied with new technology. Even at this age, when internet is a boom, people still are nurturing misconceptions apropos blogging floating roundabout the web. Thus, it is quite imperative for us to throw light on its definition and delineation before crossing the threshold of its details.

An acronym for web log; blogs are real time onscreen journals. Enumerations of writings faceted on the internet combine together for conferring the guise of a small website, known as a blog. A blog encompasses articles, pictures, video, audio, personal diary pages, information about a company, advertisement of their products and the never ending list goes on. The contents in a blog appear to be in a chronological order allowing the fresh post to be on top of others; thus making the readers appraised with the streamlined contents.

After analyzing and construing this, if at all you have seeded the idea of creating a blog in your mind, let us make some more things even simpler for you.

Mentioned below are top 10 blogging platforms that allow you to design your own blog without letting you to enter into the aggravation of developing, deploying and hosting them all by yourself in the flesh. Offering a plethora of facets, such publishing services come with both paid as well as free plans.

wordpress provides the most features entrenched blogging services. This markedly well admired and widespread platform makes use of open source WordPress software. The numerous features incorporated in its complimentary version include SEO, traffic stats, amazing themes, anti spam filters and a lot more. If you desire even more, then you may plump for the premium features that rope in upgraded and modernized web hosting resources as well as custom domains. Many of the popular blogs like Flickr, People Magazine’s Style Watch and CNN’s Political Ticker make use of this platform. is considered to be the ultimate blogging podium for beginners as well for expert bloggers.


This is another widely held blogging platform powered by WordPress. Its free accounts feature numerous magnificent and exquisite themes in addition with the advanced plugins which are normally bought to being in self hosted blogs. But there are some stumbling blocks to be well thought of. More ads are displayed in its complimentary version as evaluated against For removing the advertisements, you need to upgrade them. The storage space available in its basic plan is also less.




Flooding with numerous features, Google Blogger claims to be among one of the best known blogging services. Its Template Designer interface allows tweaking of the appearance of your blog in any manner that you desire. This platform is a huge hit among the beginners because of its no offence interface that administers your blog along with top level assimilation in their Google account. Among the plentiful free facets, the ability of setting up custom domains is remarkably noteworthy.


TypePad Micro


This blog publishing podium presents an easy to use interface and the adeptness of exporting or importing contents from otherwise blogging platforms. However the themes and add-ons offered are hugely unsatisfactory. With $8.95 per month, you can avail its lowest paid plan that comes with technical support, custom domain mapping and additional themes. And thus being the reason why it seems to be trailing behind other blogging platforms.




If you want to share contents online in an easier manner, then Jux it is. This innovative service authorizes you in designing your personal microblogging site and thus enabling sharing of contents. If your focus is on visual content, Jux may astonish you with its flabbergasting features. But if you are planning on creating a traditional blog, then Jux may not be an option.




This feature packed popular microblogging platform has numerous outstanding facets like free custom domains, ample of amazing themes and audio blogging to name a few. For updating all your communal media feeds at a solitary location, you may sync your Twitter and/ or Facebook account with the Tumbler account. Provision for creating community powered blogs is yet another amazing feature of Tumbler. Majority of third party apps like Feedburner and Google Analytics are also supported by this microblogging platform.


Posterous Spaces


Alike Tumbler, Posterous Spaces, with its exceptional viewing and privacy features that restricts users from viewing contents that you do not want them to see, provides first rate services for online blog publishing. For allowing users to quickly post contents, the site has been designed fittingly and loads of free mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones have been incorporated. Most of the popular technical startups such as Airbnb, TweetDeck and MailChimp have put up their company blogs on this platform.




This online blogging platform, powered by WordPress offers a reasonable set of features. Roundabout 140 themes, 40 plugins and custom domain mappings come up with the free accounts. All the free blogs on Blogetery display ads, but those who fancy upgrading might opt for the $3.50 per month paid plan. In it, comes additional themes, additional storage space of 5 GB, email support, ad removing ability, and plugins.




Weebly is not just a blogging platform; it is an entirely featured website builder. For supporting of audio, video, slideshows, image galleries and maps, a drag-and-drop interface has been featured by its blog manager. Weebly can also be used as a content supervising system for building websites via its Designer Platform.




Blogging along with a bit of social neworking; this is what LiveJournal offers. Through LiveJournal, you take active participation in polls, communicate with new LJ users and even create networks. Its entire collection of plugins and templates are quite basic in nature.

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