Top 10 Android Greeting card Apps

Do you know that even the most expensive greeting card can prove to be of no importance as against the simplest birthday wishes that is shared with the right intent and feelings can really bring wonders in your life? People make use of different methods to express themselves. Some express their feelings in the form of words, which is of course one of the sweetest methods to express oneself. But, if you are a shy type individual using words might be something difficulty for you when it comes to speaking. But, you can use written words like you can send your wishes through Greeting card applications available these days through your mobile phone. If you own an Android phone, here are the top 10 Android greeting card apps that can meet your requirement in the right manner.

  1. Touchnote Cards:


Even though, this application is not specific for Android, it is actually a cross platform application, wherein you can make use of your own photos for creation of greeting cards. The excellent thing about this Android application is that it will permit you to design and order postcards, holiday wishes and season greetings right from the comfort of your home or any other place for that matter. Also, you can deliver your eCard to any part of the world with just a minimum fee for the same. You can personalize the images with filters and can also use templates for presetting the greeting messages. The interface is also good and this can be perfect choice, when you wish to share holiday greetings.

  1. JustWink Greeting Cards:

just wink greeting cards

This is also a cross-platform application that permits personalization and you can also share the final output through different sources like Facebook, MMS, SMS and also through Email. If you are attached to traditional Snail Mail service in the USA, you can send your greetings designed through this app in this way as well. Not just photos and messages, you can also add handwritten messages to your greetings through this application. There are multiple templates to choose from. The great thing about justwink  app is that it is free and you can send electronic greetings for free as well.

  1. LoveBug:

This app is meant for Android phones alone and this application is otherwise named as Christmas Greeting Cards Free. This application encompasses basically of photo eCards that can be shared through a wide range of means. The problem with this app is that the huge collection will land you in confusion when it comes to the selection of the best card. A wide range of themes are available as well for different occasions like birthday, humor, holidays, etc. But, too much customization is not possible with this application.

  1. Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards

This is one among the many android greeting card apps with fewer choices, but the chance to personalize your cards is more. If you are looking for the right application to send customized greeting cards for free, this can be the best application for you. The decent choice of templates is available, where you can populate the templates with your own photos and messages. This app has a paid version too with more templates to the mix, but the basic free version will be fine for most users.

  1. Birthday Postcards:

birthday postcard

As the name implies this Android application is specially meant for sending birthday greetings to your loved ones. This app will bring you lovely and stunning postcards with weekly updates and a wide range of chosen pictures that will be eye-catching. You can just choose from a wide selection of stunning postcards with weekly updates. The birthday greetings can be sent through email, MMS and much more modes. You can add your own pictures to the cards through Flickr.

  1. Funny Greetings, eCards:

funny greetings ecards

For those, who wish to spend greeting cards in languages other than English like Chinese, this is the best android app to choose. The users can choose from a wide range of English and Chinese lovely, cut and funny SMS and cool and colorful eCards. There are cards under different categories for different occasions to choose from.

  1. Happy Birthday Greetings Free:

happybday greetings free

This is one of the android greeting card apps that are available exclusively for sending birthday cards. The excellent thing about this birthday free app is that you can create your own greeting cards right from the scratch from your Android phone with this app on your phone. You can just upload photos with some special effects and can share the cards through Facebook and Email with your friends and family.

  1. Animated Greetings:

animated greetings

If you are looking for an app that is both unique and entertaining, this is the app to choose for your Android phone. Not just eCards, you can create movies for different occasions, regardless of whether you wish to send ‘I miss you’, ‘I love you’ or any other greeting for that matter. This is the excellent app to create animated movies with your family members as actors. The output will be something different from the normal greeting cards that you send usually. You can also add audio effects to change the voice of animated characters by recording voices.

  1. LoveBug:

love bug

This is an Android application that offers greeting cards for almost every occasion that you cannot even imagine about. With this application on your Android phone, you can send eCards to your friends and family for almost any occasion.

  1. Greeting Card Maker:

Greeting card maker

You can create customized greeting cards with this Android greeting card Apps with more than 500 amazing images and clips to choose from. There are also greeting card templates to choose from. The cards can be shared through social networking sites, through MMS and through email. The add-on packs are free to download.

So, you can choose from the best android greeting card apps mentioned above to add your wishes on the important occasions in the life of your friends and family members.

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