Top 10 android apps to use in 2016

Are you at loss of ideas as what to do with your shiny new Android smartphone? Well, searching for the best Android apps can be a daunting task. But don’t worry because we have done all the homework and curated the top Android apps you can use for every purpose and compiled the best ones into a single list.

Top 10 Android apps of 2016 that you can kick start the year with





Typing in passwords manually can be quite time taking and remembering them all is one hell of a job. All of us tend to forget a password or two at some point in our lives. But here is an app that will save all of your passwords so that you can copy and paste them easily onto online forms whenever necessary. The common concern with all password manager apps is whether or not you can rely on their security services. However, dashlane makes use of encrypted codes and monitors them regularly so you can be at peace of mind. Also Dashlane streamlines and keeps other types of data secured such as credit card information used in online forms.





You spend hours looking through the classified ads in various newspapers and job posting sites. But with sites like Indeed, pursuing jobs has improved manifold and you can now narrow down results to streamline the process. The Android apps for Indeed lets you to search for jobs anywhere and anytime so you can find your next employment place specific to your salary expectations and geographical locations. You can also upload your resumes and make it available for interviewers.





There are a lot of weather apps which come pre-installed on your device and are quite pretty looking and accurate as well. But the current favorite of Android users is Morecast, a great weather app with a sensible and clear layout and one of the nicest looking interfaces. Being one of the most advanced applications of its kind, it features options like comparing weather of two cities side by side and finding complete accurate weather information for any particular journey or route.

Action Launcher 3:


Action Launcher 3


Application launchers offer simple ways of customizing the look and feel of your device. Often they combine the new icons, a new homescreen featuring a nice wallpaper and a great app drawer layout to fit a certain theme or style. Action Launcher 3 is an amazing introduction to launchers since it provides an intuitive and clear interface changes without adding a lot of off putting elements. With the app, you can do simple tweaks like changing app icons, the app drawer layout or alter the way of using homescreen folders.

7 minute workout:


7 minute workout


If you wish to shed a few extra pounds or just enhance your energy levels, this 7 minute workout app from Android apps is a great thing to start with. The app focuses on a highly intense routine that is scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular function and aid in weight loss. Start living a healthier lifestyle today with this simple and undeniably effective 7 minute workout app.

Avast Mobile security and Antivirus:


Avast Mobile security and Antivirus


Your Android security has always remained a major concern for you. So if you are browsing the marketplace for a great antivirus app, here is one. Mobile security and Antivirus from Avast keeps your device safe from malware and virus threats as it is equipped with an excellent virus detection software that searches through your microSD card, browser history and internal storage space. Also it has anti-theft features like location tracking and wiping off remote data even when the device is not in your possession.

WiFi Mapper:


wifi mapper


This is definitely an invaluable weapon that you would not want to lose in a war of connectivity, the Wifi Mapper app provides you with detailed information regarding where wifi signal is available in nearby locations. All the details regarding whether they are free, paid and their connection quality is laid out in a detailing manner on a map. Wifi Mapper has an edge over it rivals due to the fact that it actually works accurately, which is definitely the important thing here.

Camera MX:


Camera MX


Being on the cusp of a bad selfie addiction, this amazing selfie app might just push you a bit over the edge but for all the good reasons. This fun and feature filled app has standard HDR modes, overlays and textures with some nice cool effects like mirror effects and kaleidoscope. The “Shoot the Past” mode of this app is its real standout feature that lets you to capture the scenes before you can actually press the button. The Camera MX app is just idea for all those tricky action shots and lot of other hard to click moments.

Chrome Beta:


Chrome Beta


Chrome is just the perfect browser for us all that comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones and Chrome Beta is a better version of the browser that we already love. The Chrome of the Future will be standard once Google has applied all latest fixes, changes and improvements that it is working upon. Chrome Beta users can get to experiences these changes before the masses. Be assured that none of these new features will cause any kind of damage to your software browser or phone and browser crashes or stutters are very rare.

Podcast Addict:


Podcast Addict


This beautiful app brings you an excellent free service in addition to its free service which is listening to amazing podcasts. The Podcast Addict is itself free to download and you can download, search for and listen to podcasts for free in it. Also it allows you create your own playlists of upcoming shoes which you would want to tune in to. There’s a trending search feature which allows you to see currently popular items in podcast world, so it’s kind of an entry point for the new comers. While it may not always be easy to navigate, it provides everything that a decent podcast should do.

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