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Meta Description: Besides being compact enough, the versatility of laptops make people move towards laptops as against desktops. If you are looking for the best laptop under 50000, here are some points to help you out.

best laptop under 50000

Nowadays, different models of smartphones are introduced day after day and the number of users is also increasing for smartphones. But, there is no reduction in the number of people buying laptops. Right from office use to gaming, laptops are used for a wide range of purposes. If you are looking for a system to engage in gaming, to watch your favorite movies or even to get in touch with your friends and family on the go, the latest laptops can poise movability with power and execution that you look for. Now we will check best laptop under 50000.

Budget is an important fact to consider:

The first and foremost thing you will have to decide on is your budget. Once you decide the budget, you can accordingly narrow down your search, such that it will be easier to arrive at the best laptop at your budget. If you are looking for the best laptops under 50000 or even a higher or lower cost alternative, you will have to consider certain factors in your decision making. Let us explore a few of them to help you with the selection by finding answer to some questions:

best laptop under 50000

How will you use the laptop?

Apart from your budget, you will have to decide how you will be using the system. Here are some examples that will help you out:

Light use:

Light use means that you will be using the system for simple tasks like sharing digital photos, organizing, social networking, email, paying bills online and surfing the web.

Average use:

Average use involves using the system for document creation, spreadsheet creation, streaming movies and music and storing them.

Demanding use:

If you are looking for system to do multiple tasks at the same time and wish to run multiple programs like video production, photo editing and graphics, you will have to choose a system that can accommodate these heavy tasks.

If you come under the demanding use category, you will have to invest on systems with larger hard drive, better system memory, faster processor and also higher screen resolution.

The importance of portability to you:

You should also consider the importance of portability when you are on the verge of selecting one among the best laptops under 50000. Portability involves the size of the screen, the capacity and type of built-in storage devices. In addition, nowadays, laptops come either with or without DVD/CD drive and this is an aspect that can affect its size and weight. As far as weight is concerned, laptops are generally classified under the following categories:

best laptop under 50000

3 Lbs. or less:

The laptops at this weight range can be highly suitable for frequent voyagers and for learners, who are looking for a system to take care of their basic needs like surfing and social networking.

4-5 lbs:

The best laptops under 50000 with this weight are classified as midrange systems that provide better balance between portability and power. These systems can the best choice for occasional users, who work from airports and coffee shops.

More than 6 lbs:

These laptops are actually toilers with huge screen and influential processors. These systems can be the best choice for professionals and gamers, who occasionally use laptops away from their desks.

Does the system give the right feel and look?

As you are looking for the best laptop under 50000 you can get an idea about the feel and look just by handling it once. When you visit a showroom, just take the laptop in your hand and look whether the clasps and hinges feel sturdy enough to withstand day-to-day use. Never forget to check the lid and the body. They are generally made out of aluminums or plastics and check whether they are tolerably unbending, but are lightweight. Also, have a look at the spacing of keyboard and their depth as they should permit comfortable typing. Also, the mouse buttons and trackpad should enable you to solidly click, zoom and scroll without any skips. If you will be using the number keys for your work, remember to select a system with numeric keypad. Even, if you cannot look at these things physically just because you are planning to place orders for a laptop over the web, you can still check the user reviews and product pages so that you can gather some details about build quality, feel and look.


You can decide on the best laptop under 50000 by considering the factors mentioned above.

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