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Once photography was a highly professional job limited only to a privileged few. But this is not true any longer after the advent of Smartphone. Now everyone is a photographer. Now many Android camera phone apps are available to help all in joining the once-elite club. And the Selfie picture craze is going out of proportion. It is worth analyzing few of favourite Android Camera Apps.  By and large, only the latest software of Android like Lollipop onwards supports most of the apps

  1. ProShot


To master the technique of digital photography with the smartphone uses this app requires a bit of patience. Maybe one among the top apps available, Proshot is simple and does not occupy much of the space-starved mobile device. The paid version is available as a still camera as well as a video recorder. The additional feature this app provides is the light painting mode by which a moving illusion can be brought into the pictures. The basic version Proshot is free but for advanced version has to be purchased.

  1. Camera FV-5

 Camera FV-5

You can take professionally looking pictures with Camera FV-5 app. The DSLR quality controls are an added feature this app can offer. The exposure time, aperture control and auto exposure, etc. which missing in similar other apps make this one highly desirable. This app is compatible with Android 5.0 plus only which si a disadvantage for the phones of earlier software. There are free light version and a pro paid version. The electronic viewfinder usually incorporated in full fledged DSLR models is available with this App.

  1. Open Camera

 Proshot camera app

The open Camera is a free app to take better quality pictures with ease.  The requirement for this app is to have the latest Android software Lollipop with Camera 2 API onwards. This app may be disappointing to the phone owners with the old version. The open camera app can be added to the widget for easy access. Other advantages of this app are a small size, faster response and fail proof saving.

  1. Google Camera

 Google Camera

Google introduced their Android camera app with very simple optic interfaces. The focusing is unique by creating a blurred background enabling the object into the limelight. Google camera is an extraordinary panorama and stitching facility incorporated into it. The depth of the picture is adjustable making the images with professional quality. It also has a Photosphere setting, it was released in early 2014 but has reached high ranking. Controlling front and back cameras along with HDR mode option is possible. This Android Camera app with a few frills can allow post shoot editing as well. A virtual 3D lens is an added feature.

  1. VSCO Cam


This camera app is available for Android devices software 4.0 onwards. Even though it is slightly complicated to understand and master initially, VSCO is a useful camera utility. VSCO has additional features like editing and sharing. Tinting and sharpening images are added facilities provided with this app. The image qualities are almost equal in comparison with that of Instagram. The app is self-curating as far as temperature and tint correction. With the synchronizing and sharing the images, VSCO stands out as a more active setup.

  1. A Better Camera

 A Better Camera

One of the distinctive features this Android camera app offers is the Best shot.  The app can also take some blur-free pictures continuously. Also, editing and sharing of pictures are very easy. Post processing is the unique feature this app gives even to the beginners. The clear disadvantage possibly is that Better camera advanced version which offers a lot of additional features is not free. A better camera can also take real-time HDR video recorder. The better camera is allows equipped with another unique characteristic- slide out grid gesture. Perhaps as the name suggests, it is the better Android camera app to go well with users.

  1. Camera360 Ultimate

 camer360 camera app

The Camera 360 Ultimate Android camera app can boast to be the highest downloaded apps. The lens filter system usually found in high ends is available with this app. This Android camera App is highly versatile and at the same simple to operate. This application can adjust different parameter on the screen for taking pictures. The background shading or whitening with the inbuilt filter system offers the users the professional touch

  1. Manual Camera

 manual camera

Comparatively simple to operate this photo app for Android is gaining popularity. Almost professional quality pictures can be churned on. The manual camera also provided an additional setting to improve the quality substantially. These parameters include shutter speed and background quality adjustment. The exposure parameters, as well as the depth, can be adjusted for picture quality. The images can be stored for further processing at a later date. This app requires the updated Android 5.0 Lollipop software. The standard camera app is well received by amateurs and professional alike.

  1. Pixlr Express — Effect Express

 effect express

The Android camera app can do more that just taking good quality pictures; pixr can also edit the pictures to a superb quality. The editing option is unique as well. Effect express can also be used as an image editor for the photos taken with other apps. It has all the paraphernalia of picture editing, shade enhancement as well as depth adjustment. You can tinker, modify, alter and share your hand works. The app developer has given emphasis on details. Adding text to the picture with this app is also possible.




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