Samsung Galaxy S7- why should you opt


The latest flagship phone from Samsung will surely make heads turn. With lesser plastics than its immediate predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S7 has it all- look, aesthetics, performance, and functionality. The water resistant design allows 30 minutes immersion up to 5 feet of water. And of course, it is dust proof.   One of the major problems like water ingression is sorted out. Also with the sufficient if not surplus memory make the phone worth opting in. The wireless charging makes the phone much more user-friendly. Another remarkable advantage is the higher battery retention.

AndroidPIT-Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-1-w782The 5.1-inch display and 1440 X 2560 pixel resolution are unique with Galaxy 7. The 12 MP 2160 dual pixel cameras are also innovative. The 4 GB RAM and 64 GB memory will leave the owner never starved of memory or disc space. The 3000 mAHLi-Po extra large battery with 80 endurance hours has fantastic standby time. The micro SD card is expandable to a clear.



The glass plastic and metal combination makes the Galaxy S7 not only stronger but also lighter. Just 152-gram weight m Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best functionally light phone available in the market. And the 7.9 mm thickness makes it again the handy and slimmer little wonder phone. And the size is also admirable 142.4X 69.6 mm. The camera is almost flush with the body. The micro Sim and nano Sim offers much more flexibility and space saving.



The Galaxy S7 has a 5.1-inch QHD display. The AMOLED display offers infinite contrast, Stellar viewing angles, and super colours.  Galaxy S7 offers to read in direct sunlight. The particular pixel choosing characteristics is a novel idea. Leaving aside the clock, calendar, image or a combination is shown at stand by mode is useful for general use without booting up the phone. The display can be for missed calls and SMS in standby mode. The operation of standby mode saves the battery power to a great extent. Even for video playback and 3G voice calls Samsung Galaxy S7 can be a clear winner.



The sound output quality is good without distortion. Even with the audio output jack the quality is good enough comparatively. The camera with dual pixel technology is also out of the ordinary. The auto focusing feature, especially after dark,  is a welcome change for all.

The eye


The lens of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 is the brightest at f/1.7. The flash and the OIS facility, the photography is a pleasant experience. Double pressing the home screen enable the camera, and cumbersome manipulations are avoided.The Pro mode is meant for manual exposure settings. The selfie feature is also user-friendly.




The video recorder and player offered with Samsung Galaxy S7 has the remarkable resolution -4k/30fps video, high frame rate 1080p/60fps, and slow motion at 720p/240fps, among others. The phone can play HD with ease.


samsung galaxy s7

The software coming with Galaxy S7 is brand new Marshmallow, compared to the Lollipop is in earlier models.


Galaxy S7 has an upper hand over the other contemporary models available in the market like split screen multitasking, bigger grid view, themes, etc. easy resizing of multitasking windows make it pretty advanced. The game launcher was much awaited and landed in S7. D7 has a screen shot feature as well. Depending on the geographical locations S7 is powered either by Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820. But the performance has not affected by this.

Considering the superior features, extraordinary functions and irresistible looks, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the undisputed winner.




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