To take the screenshot, when using an iPad, is very easy. Simultaneously mash down Home as well as Sleep buttons. iPad will take the screenshot and store that wherever it stores all the photos.

If iPad contains personal information, then backup this information just in case of loss or theft. If information is extremely private, then turn on the iPad’s security system. First go to the general settings and click on the Password Lock. This erases data in case an incorrect password gets entered 10 times.

When iPad is used to stream media content, like watching movies and listening to music, the battery power does not usually last long. Simple way to obtain more play time from each charge of battery is using low screen brightness option.

Do not press camera roll icon for seeing any video or picture that you took. Simply make one-finger swipe in order to see photo or videos, and to view past the pictures, swipe to left.

Sync pages using the iTunes to share the documents with either a Mac or a PC. Sharing documents we have isn’t a big deal anymore simply because iTunes has the ability to work with almost any platform. One can even share the PDF documents present on the iPad.

The Safari allows us to tap a bar at top to return again to top of a page. Usually, people would scroll to top, but it is very time consuming. Tapping a window takes far less time and also speeds up the productivity.

The iPad contains great musical functions, even podcasts. Podcasts are actually the radio shows which last from some few minutes to anything up to few hours. If one does not wish to listen to any music while commuting, then they can try some podcasts. One is sure to find a number of topics which are of interest to them.

Screen protectors are very often used for iPads. These thin sheets made of plastic can provide extra protection to iPad’s screen. For cleaning screen, use any lightly water dampened, and soft cloth. One must not use things such as window cleaners while trying to wash the iPad screen.

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