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Released on 6th July 2016, the Pokemon Go game took the world by storm, especially the United States. In fact, for the first three days since its release, the Pokemon Go was the most downloaded app in the US. Believe it or not the news is that the company has delayed the release in UK because of the server crunch and is working on it. The web site is showing this message with an apology notice at the top of the page.

What is the Pokemon Go all about

What is the Pokemon Go all about?

The Pokemon Go is a free game available as an app in the Google Play store and Apple App Store. It makes use of the augmented reality concept to bring you an enthralling gaming experience. For those of you who are wondering what augmented reality is – it is a concept wherein technology is used to supplement (either enhance or diminish) real world elements by means of manipulating the sensory inputs via video (graphics), sound and location (GPS). This game allows its users (players) to capture, fight with, and train the virtual Pokemon who appear in the real world.

Though this game is available as a free download on Android and Apple devices, it does supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items.

How to install Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go can be installed in two ways; one from Google PlayStore or App Store and one from their web site. So let us discuss about the two methods here.

Pokemon Go- How to Install

First and the easiest way is to download the Pokemon Go app from Google PlayStore. Open Google PlayStore or App Store (For iOS) and type Pokemon Go in the search bar. Install the application and you are ready to play the game.

The second option is to go to the company’ s website and download APK file to your computer  from the link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo – and transfer it to the mobile phone to install. You can download the APK for the iOS version from the link – http://www.pokemongo.com/en-us/. As of now Pokemon Go is available only in selected regions and will be available in more regions soon.

How to play Pokemon Go?

Once you log on to the Pokemon Go app, you will have to create an avatar. You can customize the avatar’s physical attributes such as style, skin, hair, and eye color, as well as a limited choice of outfits. Once the avatar is created successfully, it is displayed at the player’s most recent location along with a map of the vicinity. Once you are done with creating the Pokemon Go avatar, explore the map and start finding other Pokemons in your neighborhood.

You have to throw a Poke Ball (aim properly before throwing) at the Pokemon you found to capture him / her. You can even explore for the Pokemon physically and your phone vibrates when there is another Pokemon present in your vicinity. Some types of Pokemons will be present only at their natural habitat. For example if you are searching for a Pokemon which lives in water, they will be available only in near oceans, rivers or lakes. Just make sure that you explore the place in the map if it is shown as habitat because your chance to find a Pokemon there is more.

There are facilities and features available in a Pokemon map and they are briefly explained below.

PokéStops: The place from where you can collect more Poke Balls and other items like ‘Potion’, hyper potion, etc. When you are near enough to explore a PokéStop it opens up automatically and you can use the disc (spin it) to gather the items. Sometimes these stops will be located in a private property and I would suggest avoiding it, there will be plenty in public places like museums and landmarks.



Pokémon gyms: Just like a habitat Pokemon Gyms are also used to capture other Pokemons and this can be found using the map on which you will be located at the center.

Pokemon Gyms


Pokédex: This is the place where you keep the Pokemons you have already captured, and they will be shown in colors in the map. If you are yet to capture that particular Pokemon it will be shown as silhouettes in dark color.



Nearby: Using this feature you can find out the types of Pokemons you may find nearby your current location.

Pokemon Go- Pokemon Nearby


You can catch Pokemons of each variety that are in the map which will be displayed in the Pokédex. If you catch many Pokemons of a single type you have a chance to evolve it into another type. You can even get a Pokemon egg and get it hatched (the identity will be secret until it is hatched). If I keep on writing there is so much to write about this game and I guess this explains why it became so famous in very short time.

What are the requirements for Pokemon Go?

  • This game is optimized only to smartphones, not tablets or computers.
  • This is compatible with any Android device which has at least 2GB RAM and runs on Android version 4.4 or later. Android N will not be supported until the official release.
  • iPhone 5+ and iOS 8+ devices are supported and jailbroken (this is similar to rooting in Android devices) devices are not supported.
  • Intel processors are not supported and needs a strong internet connection.
  • The smart phone should be GPS enabled.
  • The Pokemon Go game supports six languages – English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

What makes Pokemon Go so famous?

This game blends the virtual and real world and gives a great experience to the players. More than that, the skin of the game is much similar to the old version of Pokemon games which creates nostalgia among the youth. The game was released in US in the summer months and kids have more free time than the other months. Also people started to share the screen shots and photos in social networks which motivated others to catch up with them or beat them. People re-live their childhood and even starting to get out of the house (A complaint our elders had with the smartphones). All these facts along with the new technology made this game popular in just days and the Daily Active Users count is increasing like anything.

You would have already understood why this game became so famous. I was searching for the fact about this game I can’t wait to try this amazing game. The people who already got their hands on this game convey the same message – “The game has bugs but that did not restrain them from playing it.”


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