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So, it is good that you have decided to invest on a laptop that costs less than 30,000. With this motto, you will have to consider certain points in the selection process.

best laptops under 30000

Laptops are turning out to be the part and parcel of the lives of many people these days. They cannot even imagine a day without their laptop. If you are attracted to such a thing done by one of your family members or friends and wish to get one for you, the first thing you will have to do is to decide on your budget. If you can afford to spend no more than 30000, you are looking for an affordable laptop. The good news is that there are branded laptops from Dell, HP, and Acer at this cost and so your dream of finding the best laptops under 30000 can surely come true. But, you will have to consider certain aspects and some of the questions you might have in this regard can be found here along with answers:

Which operating system should I opt for?

As you might be aware, the operating system is the heart of any laptop. It is responsible for handling all the connected devices, the memory of your laptop, the files and also the hardware and software in your system. It is responsible for your interaction with any laptop in an understandable manner. Otherwise, you will have to type a bunch of computer codes to get any of your tasks completed by the laptop. You can shop by operating systems like Mac, Windows and Chrome are the popular choices available.

How much Memory will be suitable for me?

As you are comparing the best laptops under 30000, you will generally be in a position to find systems with minimal RAM or Random Access Memory. RAM is something that will help you with completing multiple tasks at a single instance. If your requirement is basic computing, you will need a system with at least 2GB. On the other hand, if you are more into graphics and professional tasks like photo and video editing, you are recommended to look for systems with 6GB or more RAM. Otherwise, you can also opt for systems with expandable RAM, if you hope that your requirement will increase in the near future.

Battery life:


best laptops under 30000


As you are comparing the best laptops under 30000, you are recommended to gather details about the battery life promised by the manufacturer. Even though some manufacturers promise better battery life, it will not come into reality. So, you are recommended to read reviews to know the thoughts of the previous users of the system before placing an order for any system.

Ports and connectivity:

To stay connected to the World Wide Web, laptops provide a wide range of options. Not just to stay connected with the web, but to stay connected with other devices, most laptops come with the latest wireless standards apart from Bluetooth capabilities. This means that you can easily connect your speakers, smartphones and other Bluetooth devices with your laptop. If you travel frequently, you can opt for a laptop with 4G LTE network, which means that you can access the web even when you are not close to a Wi-Fi network.  However, as you are looking for the best laptop under 30000, you can at least look for a device with the following crucial ports:

  • USB 2.0
  • USB 3.0
  • USB Type-C
  • Thunderbolt
  • HDMI
  • Media card slots

Internal storage:

As you are comparing the best laptops under 30000, you can get only systems with minimal internal storage. But you can opt for a system with expandable internal storage or the units, where you can use external storage units easily. Traditionally, hard disk drives offered larger storage capabilities, but they added to the thickness and weight of the systems and also generated more noise and heat. On the other hand, SSDs are much quieter, cooler, faster and lighter as compared to hard drives, but they are expensive per GB. So, they provide less storage space typically. Some systems also feature a hybrid drive, which brings together a hard drive and solid state drive.


At this price point, laptops are the best choices as compared to desktop due to a number of reasons like portability, energy savings, environmentally friendliness. So, compare and arrive at the best choice after considering the points mentioned above.

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