Nokia Lumia 800: The great choice

Nokia Lumia 800 2

Product Type: Smartphone candybar style

Operating system: Windows Phone

App Store: Yes, Windows Marketplace

Available colours: Black Blue and Pink

The Good      

There are many things to love about the Nokia Lumia 800. Firstly the operating system info, the Nokia Lumia runs windows 8 which is the latest technology and one of the newest operating systems on the market. The phone runs fabulously with no freezing at all and on top of it, the windows operating system makes the phone completely customized to the user’s preferences. The menu is made up of boxes and these can be altered according to what the user uses most on their phone, not only this but the colour can be changed which makes the phone look attractive.

In terms of the windows operating system technology, everything runs well. The messaging centre and the music player are the highlights of this operating system with everything you do moving from one to another with a nice sliding effect.

The internal memory on this phone is 16GB which means it can store a great deal of data so whether you are using the phone to listen to music, take photos or film videos there is plenty of space to store all your files.

Nokia Lumia 800

Another plus to the Nokia Lumia 800 is the fact that it also comes with a new software for the computer called Zune. This software is similar to iTunes but in our opinion is far superior. One of the nicest specifications about this software is that when you add music to your collection it automatically gathers all the album information and artwork and displays it in a slideshow as the music is playing.

Although the release price was a downfall for the Nokia Lumia 800 being highly priced at £400 we feel that the device deserves this price tag. However  since then the price has dropped and is now available on PAYG for around £150.

The Bad

One downside to the Nokia Lumia 800 review is that it only accepts a micro sim card very similar to the iPhone, this means that you may have to purchase a new sim card if you are switching to this phone.

Along with this the sound of the Nokia Lumia 800 is good however the volume is not very high meaning that if you wish to listen to music aloud outdoors or even in the house you will probably need speakers as the sound that comes from the handset alone is not very loud at all.

Overall Review

Overall we think that the Nokia Lumia 800 is a great buy and is one of the best smartphones on the market at the moment particularly for its price. Although new models featuring the windows operating system are being released this phone does everything you need it too and with such a large internal memory rivals other smartphones at the much higher price end of the market. This phone represents the latest technology and also some of the best value for money.


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