Moto G4: Motorola adds another to its bucket

Every time the news on the launch of a new smartphone is out, there is a buzz over it. We come across many users trying to get information about its specification and price. Some claim to have seen leaked images of the product while others swear that they have been able to test it. The hype that is created even before the official confirmation on the specification or price, makes many of the customers anxious. Well, publicity is never bad and publicity for a brand that has managed to stand out among its competitors just adds to the anxiety. While we do not intend to claim that we have “the right” to the right information, we would like to dwell on the series of instances about the last smartphone that has been activating the rumor mill for quite sometime now. Yes, we are referring to the Moto G4 (4th Generation) of smartphones launched by Motorola.


The Moto G series from Motorola had taken the smartphone market by storm by offering some of the high end features at competitive prices. Right from the launch of the first version of Moto G, Motorola has been quite careful and apt in ensuring that the product is engineered to bring out that ‘wow’ factor in the market, while maintaining the price of the product quite affordable. Solid build quality was another hallmark of this device. Needless to say, these smartphones sold like pan cakes. All the versions were a run away hit. The Moto G series of phones offer excellent value for money while also giving a upmarket feel. The last launch was in 2015 when the Moto G 3rd generation of smartphones was introduced into the market. This model feature a new processor from the snapdragon family and had a chipset that made the device 4G/LTE ready. Another variant of the elder sibling Moto G2 called the Moto G2 4G was also launched to cash in on the popularity of the 2nd Generation Moto G phones by just adding the 4G feature.

The latest offering in this family is the fourth generation of this series of devices – the Moto G4. Unconfirmed reports say that the Moto G4 is expected to be launched on next tuesday, that is on 16th May 2016. If not, the product would be in the market by June 2016. There is some buzz over the launch of Moto G4 in India as the product would be launched exclusively at Amazon India against the norm. In a press statement, Amit Boni, Country Head, Motorola Mobility India had confirmed the next Motorola smartphone’s availability via Amazon India, “We have witnessed tremendous growth in the e-commerce market and it will continue to be the dominating channel for us as we bring new products to the India market. is the one of the best online marketplaces in India and we are glad to announce that we have exclusively partnered with Amazon India for our next Motorola smartphone.” Remember, the earlier version (read generations) of the Moto G series of devices were exclusively launched on Flipkart only! The battle of the top e-tailer is getting more and more intense. Competition in the online market space is good for the consumers.

Moto G4

Even though the Motorola mobile business was taken over by Google who sold it to Lenovo, this brand of smartphones has been able to carve a niche for itself. The Moto G brand stands for reliability, build quality and affordability and we expect the Moto G4 to be no different. Lenova realized the value of this brand name and has left it untouched since its acquisition from Google.

Now, let us take a look on the technology and feature that we can expect in the Moto G4 smartphone. Lenovo’s announcement that all Motorola devices launched this year will come with the biometric authentication is an indication that the Moto G4 is going to be quite feature-rich when lauched. The Moto G4 smartphone is reported to feature a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) resolution display, an octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of inbuilt storage, and a 13-megapixel rear camera. Another variant called the Moto G4 Plus is rumoured to sport a fingerprint sensor, and a 16-megapixel rear camera. As with the previous versions, this one would also feature a Snapdragon processor, probably a Snapdragon 615 or a Snapdragon 617 based on the MSM8952 chipset. There seems to be some ambiguity on the amount of RAM. It could be shipped with either a 2 GB or a 3 GB (less likely) RAM. As far as the internal storage is concerned, the Moto G4 is going to have a 16 GB drive while the Moto G4 Plus is expected to have a whooping 32 GB of storage space. Both the devices – the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus are expected to have NFC. The operating system would be Android 6.1 also popularly known as Marshmallow. The shape of the device is going to be almost the same – round at the corners. The display is going to feature the same Active Display Technology that has been seen in the earlier versions, with Full HD. It is going to feature two microphones – the noise cancellation is going to be a feature. Though nothing is being told about the battery and the glass, we expect the glass to have the latest version of Gorilla glass – Gorilla Glass 4 and 6H hard glass to make it a sturdy product, as well as the Quick Charge 3.0 technology that had also featured in the earlier products. The Quick charge is a technology wherein using a turbo charge the phone can be charged far quickly compared to the conventional chargers. Another notable feature that may make its presence felt in the Moto G4 is the laser focus, and auto focus. Moto G4 can also feature a Wolfson DAC and Dolby ATMOS for better Audio output. Overall we get the feeling that this time Motorola has come up with a premium device and expect the price to be a tad higher. You never know the initial launch at Amazon could be at a lesser price.


The Moto G series of smartphones is known for it sturdiness and ease of use. Though the device would weigh heavier that it counterparts, it sits well in your palm. The slightly curved back makes it easy to hold and the rubber grip over the border ensures that the device does not slip from our hand. Now that it has been confirmed that the Motorola Moto G 4th generation smartphone is going to be launched sometime next week, please make use of the online features available at and place an order for this exquisite piece of engineering. Have your Wifi Internet connection or a data pack ready, visit the of the moto store in amazon.  In fact, I would recommend placing your online order as soon as possible. Since there is so much hype around this device, it would be sold all over by the time you return to place and order online. There will be many longing to get a hand on this device.

Try your luck in getting the latest Moto G4 mobile and enjoy its features!


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