Marshmallow 6.0 – Features, specifications, compatibility etc.

Sweeter than the Lollipop


Ever since Google took over Android in 2004, the 13th version of the cutting edge software is here -the more delicious Marshmallow. The new software brings in innovative features over its predecessor, Lollipop. The features include fixes, security, and features. Few of the features available with Marshmallow 6 along with the path finding Google Now on Tap are given below.

  1. The best out of battery with Doze

androidpit-nexus-5-day-one-battery-doze-Android MArsmellow

Doze is the intelligent battery management console which recognises which mode is ideal for saving the power. This automatic hibernation mode improves the battery stand time as well as reduces the power drain considerably.

  1. Standby control of Apps


Unused or less used apps are the major space killer of the device. Putting those apps to the inactive status just short of disabling them help to save the space considerably. This was possible earlier by going into the settings menu. Google gives an option in Marshmallow the list of apps that are not to be hibernated as well.

  1. Reverse/ USB type -C charging


The usual nightmare of fumbling to find out which side of the USB is right is no longer there with Marshmallow’s USB type – C charging. The user can charge or transfer data without looking into the socket, especially in a bad light. Reverse charging to other devices is also possible with ease. Type- C USB is going to be standard with all devices soon.

  1. SD card support


The fluctuating policy of Google to disable partially or entirely the SD card support due to security is finally solved with Marshmallow. Now data transfer or storage to enhance the internal storage. The better seamless system-level support for external storage is a boon for the hitherto starved storage devices.

  1. Storage management


The new and overhauled File manager called Explore can give un-updated storage space available in USB and other places.

  1. RAM Manager


Better RAM usage is possible with the new setting called Memory which allows individual section’s utilisation of space.

  1. Permissions


Marshmallow has come out with the unique App permission including access, the internet, update, etc. making the security and liability new definitions. Some access can be controlled by disabling certain default features of the devices. This granular app control offers better control to the users.

  1. Fingerprint API


The new print API compatible with the fingerprint scanner in the new Marshmallow allows payment facility and authentication.

  1. App backup

Android- Android-6-0-Marshmallow-review

The automatic app back up, a definite improvement from earlier systems is an interesting feature. System restore and password protections make this feature quite user-friendly.

  1. Network security


With the new network security feature incorporated, it is possible to change or reset passwords, settings, and connections.

Other user-friendly features

The monthly security updates provided increases the security. Marshmallow provides better encryption by default with hardware accelerator and verified boot process. Marshmallow is also security compatible with the BYOD culture. The new Android is all out for better security with smart lock, screen lock, especially with paired devices. New selective Password protection is also a welcome feature. The text selection in Marshmallow is a clear winner over its predecessors. The instant translators are updated for better and faster results.


Now deletion of the screen shot is much easier and manageable. The link accessibility for apps is much simpler and predictable. The volume control as well as muting on/off control is appreciated by users very well. Direct share and multitasking are clear advantages Marshmallow has. The  Chrome custom tabs are now more potent and useful.

ConclusionsSticky-and-Secure-Android-MarshmallowBy and large, Marshmallow is a timely launch with full features and customer friendly attitude. Yes ‘Marshmallow is more Google’ now



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