Le 1s Eco – what’s with all the craze

Another revolution from the Great Wall of China is spreading across the globe in the mobile world. It is Le 1s Eco, the cute, Smartphone all the way from China which received a whopping 1,00,000 registrations within 24 hours of launch in India in this month alone. LeTV, the parent company, started as a video streaming service in China then diversified into manufacturing mobile phones, have made a name not only in the home truss but also globally. In fact, two cell phones were introduced along with Le 1S Eco, the Le Max, supposed to be the company’s flagship product. But Le1S Eco, the mid segment Smartphone had the attention of prospective buyers with its stunning look, superior features and of course the price. In India, this gadget is priced at INR 9,999 plus is astonishingly low priced, say just 12 to 15% compared to that of the high-end i-phone or Samsung Galaxy. With the build quality almost reaching those of the high ends.


Le 1s Eco


Streaming to mobile

Le 1S Eco did not follow the usual pattern of introducing and establishing their name in the streaming video front but plunged into the free line of products with a bang. And it looks like their strategy has paid well. All metal solid looking outer cover of this phone is made out of aircraft grade Aluminium. With a bright display nearing a screen bleeding design is packed with sensors and speaker placed slightly in an unconventional way. The hardware buttons will not come alive unless pressed. The first impression of this phone at hand or on a table top is bit alluring to buy and own. With novel features like speaker cut outs, volume controller, and power buttons in an altogether user-friendly way, no wonders the response to Le 1S Eco was overwhelming. The smooth and curvy edge design are handy enough for rough use. Surprisingly the fingerprint reader with mirror finish, so far attributed only to high-end models is placed at the back. This 7.5 mm thick and 160 grams weighing device can fit in snugly in the palm. With all the features converged into a reasonably priced phone, is becoming a head turner. The launch of Le1S Eco at this juncture is a clear and winning marketing strategy especially when the market is flooded with ‘more than a phone a day’ introductions.

Le 1s Eco – display

The 403 PPI pixel densities on a 5.5 inch full HD screen with an option of display changes are next generation features. Using on direct sunlight without strain is a added facility. The sound quality is remarkable with Le1S Eco. The phone does not have NFC, but that will possibly be too much to expect at this price. The reversible USB type C is a convenient way of charging at night without fumbling. In order to wake the phone, it has to be lifted up and tapped at the bottom; this function is not so user-friendly. The charging of the phone’s 3,000mAH battery is fast enough. The 2 SIM (LTE+WCDMA) configurations , IR Blaster, and the ability to remotely control few other gadgets make this phone desirable for the tech savvy.

Le 1s Eco display

Latest operating systems

The OS is Android Lollipop 5.0.2 under the EUI skin. With the app drawer done away with and by putting all icons on the screen makes the home screen cluttered. The voice recorder along with other preloaded apps is helpful to use the phone straight away. The battery Assistant is useful for controlling the power drain.

And the functions

The 13-megapixel rear camera in the absence of auto focusing does not give much clarity and depth. The 5-megapixel front camera is also not that great to handle. With no editing or quality enhancement, the camera function in Le 1s Eco is disappointing.

The Helio Mediatek X10 Turbo 1.85GHz Octa-core processor along with a Power VR G6200 GPU and 3GB of RAM adds up the functionality. Gaming, social media apps, voice calling, etc. are above average quality in these game-changing phones. The memory management and recall are not interesting on this phone, though.

Le 1S Eco’s connectivity features are pretty impressive too. The company even claims that Le 1S Eco is changing the playground for entertainment consumption through mobile screens.

Le 1s Eco rear

Opt in or opt out

Pricewise Le 1S Eco ($150) beats all other similar ones present in the market. The fingerprint sensor at the back is a bit of a nuisance; the camera quality is not up to the mark. Yes, it the best choice to buy as of now with the attractive features and pricing. The nonexpandable external memory beyond the inbuilt 32 GB is a disadvantage. The 3.5 hour talk time is great. On the outset, Le 1s Eco is a good bet for all ages and all pockets.

Well, Le 1s Eco with the golden colour variation is glittering – at least as of now. And definitely a good buy, again as of now. Maybe many shall follow this market leader in the near future.

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