iPad registration process for novice learners

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Discovering all the utilities and functions of an iPad entirely on your own isn’t that effortless for most of the newbie users and hence is the frequently asked customary question “How do I learn to operate this gadget?”

Here are some helpful tips that can give you a quick start in the process of acquiring complete mastery over the device.


  • The iPad has to be registered on the Apple site and then activated. The possible reasons for doing this are to approve Apple warranty and ensure that your gadget has been listed in their database.
  • For activating the iPad as well as iTunes, you will need an Apple ID for which you have to create an iTunes Store Account. Downloading and installing applications and performing other synchronizations between the iPad and your computer require you to gain access to the Apple store from your account.
  • You will also need a Wi-Fi or any other internet connection for getting started right away.


Thus, our basic requirements being met let us now head on to registering the iPad. This is where you will need your iTunes account.


  • Press and hold the power button for quite a few seconds while waiting for the Apple logo to surface itself on the iPad screen.
  •  On your screen, you will find an iTunes image icon along with a USB cable. Use the sync cable of the USB to connect the iPad and your computer. Open the iTunes application on your computer and then run it.
  • A welcome screen appears making you avail from any of the two options; whether you wish to register then or at some latter point in time.
  • Clicking on “Resister now” will ask for your iTunes account. With internet connection being available, you can register your iPad with your Apple ID. If you are not in possession of an ID, you can create one there itself.
  • Agreeing with the Software license Agreement will then redirect you to a screen requiring your ID and password. Once you have entered them correctly, a registration page pops up where you have to give in your complete details.
  • A successful registration is followed with a congratulations message. You now have an iTunes menu from where you can check the name, software version, serial number and capacity of your iPad.


You can also setup your mail, organize photos, music, books, and watch your all time favorite Podcasts, make presentations and video conferences. Any iPad video tutorial can teach you to accomplish the above mentioned tasks.

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