eBook Reader Nook color WI-Fi


The latest Nook Color eBook Reader WI-Fi has a touchscreen color display with a high angle, wireless and flash player to play videos on YouTube and integrated mail client. It is more than a simple eBook Reader, allowing you to use it in much broader activities.

In this review we’ll talk about the features that this eBook has. The operating system used by the eBook Reader is Android 2.1 and can be upgraded to version 2.2 in Appstore. You can run a number of applications designed for it that can found in the applications store embedded, including the famous game Angry Birds. You can still download other Android applications such as a web browser or an application for instant messaging. 7-inch LG touchscreen uses Vivid View technology and can display over 16 million colors. Its resolution is 1024 × 600 pixels. The images displayed are exceptional brightness and clear.

Capacitive Touchscreen technology is very easy to use and very precise at the same time. The menu is also very well built and combined with a touchscreen and gives you a very pleasant experience when you use and is very easy to search or browse texts or books on the device.


But as a minus of specifications, the screen is very reflective, which means that in open spaces reflect light (works like a mirror) and is very difficult to see anything on the eBook. It is suitable for use in confined spaces. The processor that is based the eBook Reader is an ARM Cortex A8 processor. The internal memory of the eBook Reader is 8 GB micro SD slot and allows attaching a card up to 32 GB. WiFi adapter has a built-in web browser, Pandora Internet Radio. You can download newspapers and books on Barner and Noble e-book store. This can play along with digital books and PDFs, office documents or pictures, music and video. Office documents are presented by the application QuickOffice, you can search, find a certain box in excel, but you can’t edit.


Embedded Web Browser has only basic functions, but it does its job well. Since you cannot install other applications will have to be satisfied with it. It’s pretty good, can play videos on YouTube with integrated flash player. Books can be downloaded using Barner and Noble store and you can purchase them, or you can borrow them for 14 days using Lend Me option. This can play MP3 and AAC, has a 3.5 inch jack and an integrated speaker. Play video in MP4 format and also displays images in formats JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF. This eBook Reader is far one of the best, because color screen that makes reading more enjoyable, wireless connectivity and can browse the internet and read the mail, but also because the system based on Android, which allows us to install games. It is a choice that goes beyond the notion of eBook, bringing the functions performed by tablets. Applications that can be installed is limited, but we are dealing with an book reader, not a tablet.

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