Apple iOS 7 – A robust technological advancements

Apple the name is enough. This  company is going to introduce an advanced operating system named as,the iOS 7. This operating system  introduces some great new features like smarter multitasking, air drop for iOS and the control center. This operating system also makes your everyday deeds faster, easier and enjoyable. As many of the applications are looking different, the use of this operating system will be familiar to you. So, from the starting day you can know the use of world’s most advanced operating system, in its most advanced form.


Control center provides you quick access to all the applications and controls that are needed by you right this second. You can adjust your brightness of display, switch to aeroplane mode or turn WI-FI on or off, by swiping up these things from any screen including the lock screen. By using the new flash light you can also shine a light. You can lock your display’s orientation or can adjust its brightness. You can turn on or off WI-FI, Airplane mode, do not disturb and Bluetooth, also can play pause or skip a song. You can also access your camera, timer, flashlight and camera.


Notification center let you know about the missed calls, new mails and many more. The notification center can be accessed from any screen including the lock screen. You just have to swipe it down and get up to speed.


There is a great way for switch between the applications, known as the multitasking. Apple iOS 7 learns when you can up-to-date your content and like to use your apps before launching them. So, it is considered as even smarter. When you want to check your favorite social app at 8:00 am regularly, then your feed will be ready and waiting for you. This is the function of multitasking in Ios 7. It can know what you want to do before you proceed.


The shooting formats are such as video, still, panorama and now center, square and front. You can capture what you want within a swipe. Fast and new filters let you do more with each image. You can apply filter on still and stare photos, just take the photo and apply the filter on it and see the effect of filter. You can also see the effect of filter before taking the picture. If filter is not looking good to your photo you just remove it.


Browsing is better, bigger and more beautiful with Safari in ios 7. Scroll the Bars and buttons to reveal the, so that, you can see more content on the screen. With a little swipe a page can be making forward or backward.


You can select the best music by using this feature. It becomes more personalized by listening the more. It is available on your iPod touch, iPod, MAC, Apple TV and PC. But the only problem in iTunes radio is that it is only available in U.S. this is a radio re-imagined.



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