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The Chirpy action begins here


Finland was once famous for the mobile phone Nokia. Now it is back to limelight with Angry Birds Action- the offshoot of the movie of the same name. Rovio, the company behind this brand new game, launched the game in New Zealand. The Newton’s principles of Physics are put on trial again by the new game with its pull and fire actions.


This Physics based game is a game changer itself with pull, push, and slide action package. The winner of one level is qualified for a bonus move. Mostly the game consists of a winding level path to go on with the sole aim of rebuilding a village. All sort of techniques is used in the rebuilding process with the repulsive defending force to play the villain. This game calls for a considerable stamina. The top-down, pull -and -fire pattern is gaining momentum for the past few years with many contenders have entered the fray already. They are Deminitions, Supercell, and Smash Land, etc. with limited success.Angry birds action evolution

As a natural process of business trade-offs, Angry Birds action’ game Uses augmented reality to promote a movie, Brand Tie-ups, etc. Rovio’s earlier launch Angry Birds caught the worldwide attention like wild fire. And a bunch of copycat games sprung up to die a natural death over the months. But the patronage of Angry Birds continued among different age groups globally.

Business Outlook


As a good and strategic business decision, to safeguard the brand from oblivion, rejuvenation with a new identical brand was launched. Leaving aside the possible tie- ups and tie-ins, the potential of tapping the tremendous franchise business is aimed at. For a change, the fans can interact with the characters in a virtual reality situation. Possibly the successful marriage of physics with digital gaming is the key to the success. The movie became a success not only with existing angry birds fans but it created a new segment of fans and admirers. The shrewd marketing move is gaining momentum and possibly as the new business model is emerging as well. The introduction of few Birdcodes, the base for business is created within the media and the promotional sector as well as mini game consoles. The selfie crazy kids have enough to pose with the 360-degree interactive hut. Roping in the big players as brand ambassadors and business partners, angry bird creators have made waves in marketing circles. The hidden Birdcode watermark will be retention factor among the fans.

The constituents

The 3D graphics, a large amount of augmented reality content and special prizes  have added the fun and frolic with the kids and adults alike. The pinball viewing from overhead rather than from sides is a clear difference. The resources, in this case, some birds, used in one task will set the goal and credit ratio intact.

the red

The four main birds– The Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terence are very much in this game and its levels as well. Again the Red is leading the whole episode. To fight the egg stealer pigs, physics aided slings are deployed. Reward, stars, coins, chests, coins and incentives are luring kids for more involvement.


Even though the old methods to fight are same, the new game injects more enthusiasm and speculations. The shooting of those crazy birds need additional energy boosts; the weapons are also modern and tech savvy. The rebuilding of the ruined village by the angry birds will surely give tense moments to the players. The challenges the avian face and how they bounce the walls to meet new obstacles is fun. The controlling energy of shots and the trajectory control would boost up the challenges to a new level.




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