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Google has just come up with an Android TV App exclusively for iOS that supports all the Android TV devices, be it one of the fancy TV sets from Sony or the Nvidia shield running Google’s OS. With the release of this Android TV iOS app to the App Store, owners of Android TV boxes will now have a new option that allows for playback control. With Android TV getting built into more and more TV sets as standard OS over the last few years, it totally makes sense that Google is trying to make control as accessible as possible. The iOS version of Android TV app comes as a welcome addition for busy households with a number of devices.

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The app is pretty simple and free, is compatible with iPads and iPhones and its controls are quite similar to its equivalent remote app that is available for Android mobile devices. In order to search for any content, you can tap on the microphone icon for starting a voice search and can even use the keyboard or entering text on Android TV. There are two methods for control. One is a simulated D-Pad that features the traditional right, left, up and down buttons and the other is a touchpad that acts kind of like a laptop trackpad. Both of these modes also come with voice commands mic, thus giving users the privilege to command verbally.

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If you have used this app on Android, you may not come across a lot of surprises from iOS version, apart from not being able to get a connection via Bluetooth. Thus, as long as you are on the same wireless network as that of your Android TV, this app would allow your iOS device to control it through voice or touch command. While this feature now lets you use your iPhone for playing games by allowing multiple users to participate in multiplayer games, it would probably be used for typing in searches and passwords. Such a configuration should come as a blessing for people who have ever agonizingly typed upon onscreen keyboards via a directional pad of a handheld remote.

Android App for TV

Also on your Google TV remote application, you can find other a lot of new buttons and features such as:

YouTube: If you are watching some video on YouTube channel or some other webpage on your mobile device, you can just click on Menu and share the video through Google TV remote and enjoy the video on a wider TV instead.

Pointer Mode: This mode allows controlling of the mouse pointer and using gestures for scrolling and zooming in on webpages. Clicking on the arrow at top right corner of the screen will enable the Pointer mode.

Esc button: While you are watching television, this button brings up more information regarding what you are currently watching. Also, the ESC button may be used for exiting out from a window or any application.

Back Arrow: It takes you back to the previous window that you had visited.

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