Android 7.0 Nutella – Things to know

When is Android N coming out?

Android N will not be released until third quarter of this year that too only on the nexus devices. But if you are on Beta already you can opt for an OTA (Over-the-air) update to be rolled out soon. Currently only Nexus, Google Pixel C and Nexus Player are eligible for this update beta testing under Android Beta Program. General Mobile 4G and Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603 and D6653 models) can also take part.

Android name guessing still goes on and is making everyone wonder if it is going to be Nutella or Nutty Apple or even Nankhatai (yes it can be Indian too if voted!)

Biggest changes and features in Android N Preview:

Sustained Performance Mode: For apps such as VR apps that need high intensity and long duration

Seamless updates: (next time for an android update the user need not see the ‘android is upgrading’ screen anymore, Android N’s JIT compiler will download the upgrade backend in a different partition and will automatically update it when the user reboots his phone next time, thus saving you all the labor and wait of time)

Security Concerns? File-based encryption, media framework hardening, and seamless updates (when updates install at the back-end and user comes to know about it only when he reboots the system later) are some of the features that Android N will make the user blithe.

New Features: New features include emojis (the professional woman emoji leaked recently), multi-window feature which makes users multitasker, two touch draws to previous app, Daydream is the biggest buzz of the year which makes Android lovers even more crazy and ready to wait for it. The folders have also been given a makeover look that users are loving already in the beta testing mode.


Multi-window: there are two styles of a split window. First, a ‘Split screen’ which can be achieved after dragging the app to the top of the screen (designed for cell phones and tablets). Second, ‘picture in picture’ (designed for TVs).

Performance and Graphics: Google is mainly focusing on the graphics with Android 7. Due to the new Vulcan 3D graphics, the new Android N will get a boost to lower the CPU overhead. The JIT compiler compresses the codes to up to 50% henceforth lowering all the performance headache which users had to bear earlier.

Doze on the go: This new battery support feature not only is superior to doze that was used in android M but it also lets user’s breath free.

No more Launcher shortcuts: the launcher shortcuts on the screen have been axed until a future release. The reason is not known but primarily since the feature was not ready for this upgrade. Although this feature will still be available in the beta quality built of android.


Multi Locale Mode: This time Android N will allow people to add multiple languages in accordance to their preference. Apps that don’t support the primary language will drop to the next preferable language in the settings.

Night Mode remains: In dev preview 3, Dark theme is gone but night mode prevails. It is mainly due to the fact that the Dark Theme does not matches up to the performance level of google. Whether it gets added in the final product remains a mystery still.

Google Keyboard Themes: The loss of Dark Theme will remain in the hearts of the Dark Theme lovers but Google Keyboard has made a mark in the Dev preview 3. With new colorful keyboard themes, it adds great customization to a user’s mobile which includes setting an image as a keyboard background.

Multitasking gets a reveling push: Although from dev preview 1 to dev preview 3 there have been a lot of changes but the most noticeable one is that the number of apps in the channel has been limited to 7. Multi-window will be launched not by dragging the app to the left (in preview2) but up (in preview 3).

Rumors about Swift: People are connecting swift to be used as android N’s basic language but to correct you all, it will be a scenario soon but not with Android N. To become Google’s basic language and to replace Java, it needs to bridge the gap to reach to some basic programming in C++ APIs and high level Java APIs.

Massive bug fixes introduced: Currently after releasing the dev program 3, Google has fixed a lot of bugs that can be found on the android developer console website.

Notifications and toggle: The notification slides down smoothly while the secondary screen can be customized which is something that the users were craving for some time now. The pivotal change that has taken place is the on the spot reply feature. Now you don’t have to open Facebook to reply to a comment but rather can do it from the notification screen itself.

What comes out as a product and for use is still a mystery as the devise is continuously on a test run ! So why not keep our fingers crossed?

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