Amazing features of Amazon Kindle Fire HD at a considerate expense



With an amazing high definition screen, seamless streaming performance, zippier navigation, incredibly fast 4G speeds and access to the finest media eco systems, the new Amazon Kindle Fire interface is best suited on its 8.9 inched screen. Amazon has dispatched its larger tablet in France, Spain, Italy, UK, Japan and Germany. If you are seeking out for pure untainted media consumption experience, this tablet here delivers it better than any other available out there. Starting at $399, this LTE equipped tablet has the right kind of mixes that can hold the attention of today’s tech savvy users.


The 8.9 inched Fire HD resembles everything more like its previous 7 inched version, except for the size. In its frond end, is a black glossy bezel surrounding the touch screen. A 720p camera is found to be located at the middling of one of the two long sides and along with the Fire HD’s placement of speakers, it demonstrates the fact that the tablet has been exclusively designed for landscape use. The back of the tablet, which cloaks around to the front, is coated with a soft touch material imparting it a premium look. The headphone jack, power button and the volume rocker are all located on its top right hand side. A microUSB port and a microHDMI port can be found just beneath the bottom of the device. Weighing at 1.25 pounds, the Fire HD is definitely not meant for resting on a single hand.


The showcase of Amazon Kindle Fire HD is its 1920*1200 IPS display. With its anti glare technology and polarizing filter, you can enjoy videos and movies from every oblique angle. At a brightness level of 481 lux, it outstrips all its competitors including the iPad and Nexus 10.


The Fire HD operates on a heavily adapted version of Android operating system, primarily designed for featuring Amazon contents. Along with the seven categories of apps, music, newsstand, books, games, videos and shop, the home screen also features a search option bar. The landscape mode accommodates a handful more categories. When you swipe the screen top to bottom, you will find screen display notifications like the recently installed apps, controls for brightness and volume, sync and wireless. A tab on its right side opens up the settings menu.

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