Addictive android games: A must install in every Android device

The sole reason behind the precipitous increase in the popularity of android tablets and phones are its amazing apps. And that rightly justifies for a huge number of free Android games. Let us have a look at the best picked ones that elevates the worth of every Android phone out there.

Temple Run A must have game. Here, you have to play the role of a character that trots in a pathway of numerous gaps, obstacles and turns and at the same time being chased by evil monkeys. Your goalmouth is to collect as many coins before you commit any mistake, thereby letting the followers entrap you.

Subway surfer- Surge and rush as quickly as you can while dodging the oncoming trains to help Jake escape from the grouchy inspector running behind with his dog. This exciting game has amazing vivid HD and colorful graphics.


Highway rider- Think yourself to be a speed junkie? Then slap on your helmets because you are definitely going to encounter some high octane experiences. The open highway is your pathway where you have to zoom in closely through the numerous vehicles and still avoid crashing. If not, be ready to bear the cost of your broken bones.

Brother in arms 2- Loaded with exceptional graphics, this a 3D shooting game with controls through touchscreen. Players experience World War II battles in 5 different locations set towards unscrambling 50 missions. In its multiplayer mode, you can play along with 5 other friends in 3 different game modes. This is of the most challenging and frantic games. Each weapon in this game is provide with a semi realistic pitched sound and is supported by vibration which exaggerates the firing experiences of players.

Angry Birds Lite- Surely, many of you must have heard this name, if not sported. In this hugely popular game, you have to aim in slingshots with different birds so as to kill pigs that are surrounded by ice, rock and wood. For getting to the pigs, you need to break through the blockades. The entire 12 levels of this game are super fun.

Fall Down- One ball and several lines: that’s the game. The ball has to move quickly through the lines so as to avoid getting squished by the top. The movement of the ball is determined by the headway of the device. This game might be quite easy to learn, but mastering it will definitely take days.

Fruit Ninja Lite-  Use your finger to slash fruits and start collecting points for every lacerated fruit. If you are an expert enough to cut more than three fruits at a time, bonus points add up to your score. Various blades and numerous backgrounds are always waiting to get unlocked.

Drop 7- This incredible game is a contribution of the makers of Facebook games. It is an aggregation of Tetris and numerous puzzle games, thereby offering users with much of the puzzle solving pleasures. You can even play this game with your online friends.

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