9 best android calendar apps

Android Calendar apps have been an integral part of smartphones since the very beginning. They are among the basic tools that help in organizing our lives and getting everything scheduled. Most people may have moved on to other more specific tools such as to do list apps, however a big lot of them still use the default Android calendar apps that comes in their smartphones. The stock Android calendar might not be prettiest or offer the most practical usages but it still does the job. However, there are a myriad of Android calendar apps out there which go much further in presenting the events of your life that look great and help you keep a better control of your everyday planning.

 9 best Android calendar apps that will help to make your lives all the more easier:

Google Calendar App:


google calendar


Unlike most of the productivity apps from Google, Google Calendar does not come pre-installed in a lot of Android devices, so don’t make the mistake of confusing your device’s default calendar with the Google app. The differences will become real apparent when you start using the Google Calendar though. The beautifully designed app has neat little touches. For instance, when you are planning on going out for drinks, a little doodle of drink would appear for the entry or if you have any email for your flight in your inbox, it automatically shows up in the Calendar.

Today Calendar:


Today Calendar


Although this has been derived from the convention stock Android calendar which comes preloaded on most Android phones, Today Calendar is far from what you could imagine. To start with, this is undoubtedly one of the great looking calendar apps that you would find on any platform. It is simple and yet effective. Apart from a heavy material design inspiring awesome looks, the best feature of this app is its combined month and agenda view. You don’t need to switch here, just fill out both views simultaneously. Download the basic Calendar app for free and to enjoy a load of other amazing features, upgrade to its Pro version.

Microsoft Outlook:


Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook may not be the first app that you would think of while looking out for a calendar app, but truth is that its Android version is really amazing. It combines your mail, including Gmail as well as calendar including Google in a single app so you can easily manage the two of them in a single hit. Quite recently, Microsoft also acquired the immensely popular Sunrise Calendar which is set to integrate into Outlook apps. This combination could really end up creating something great and unique.





Cal is brought to Android users by Any.do, known mostly for its simple and powerful cross platform todo list app. The Cal application is a natural progression pulled from that which fuses your Exchange and Google calendar in a classy looking app. The widget allows you to quickly have a glance at your calendar, without even opening the app. Interestingly, Cal also offers integration with Uber, Google Maps and Waze to help you in navigating through most of your appointments. Cal runs smoothly on Android 4.0 version and up.





Trending right now is the Jorte Calendar and Organizer as more and more Android users continue to catch up on its usefulness. As compared to all its competitors, Jorte comes with an intuitive set up and is amazingly easy to navigate. The app also has numerous themes that help in customizing the look of your calendar. The team of Jorte seems to be on top of customer service and always replies to the complaints on Google Play. The countdown feature of Jorte is a big bonus, so you can efficiently count down days to your big event.

DigiCal Calendar and Widgets:


DigiCal Calendar and Widgets


This is perhaps the most simple calendar app that you will find on any list. Just like Sunrise, it makes top lists for the Android calendars. It comes with six different widgets for lock screens, allowing you to see important events on your phone without even having to unlock it. Recently it has also acquired Google Now integration, and thus has come up with plenty of customization options. Like all its competitors, DigiCal Calendar syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar and Exchange.

Calendar Widget:


Calendar Widget


Month: On most occasions, people don’t really need a bunch of calendar applications, rather one good looking and effective calendar widget. And the Calendar Widget: Month caters to this niche perfectly. There are some great cursory calendar features but its real show is the resizable month view widget that is available with around 80 available themes. The app design is great and themes are nicely constructed. The only downside here is that the app is not overly feature heavy, so you would have to prepare yourself to that.





This calendar app has been there for a really long time now and is one of those up and coming android calendar apps and it hasn’t received a lot of publicity. CalenGoo’s interface may be a little antiquated, however it’s quite effective and comes with a lot of views and event colors to organize your busy schedules with the help of a ton of other great features. There are a lot of other designs to choose from and CalenGoo also has support for Google Calendar and Evernote. It even supports Android Wear, if that counts for you.



Calendar Widget


As you would expect, aCalendar provides all kinds of functionalities you would wish for in a calendar app including timely reminders and all sorts of widget to show different daily, weekly and monthly views. Also in these views, aCalendar offers a better overview of details and information. Below, each highlighted event in a monthly view, you can see information regarding that event. Also different types of events are color coded differently, killing a lot of confusion there. Using the buttons on the top, aCalendar offers easy navigation within different days of the month or even different months.

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