8 best music player apps for Android

The importance of music and the way we have incorporated music in our lives has changed a lot. All our dedicated music players have long been replaced by the smartphones. While it may be true that dedicated or portable music players deliver much better audio quality, most of us are just happy that our handsets offer more than just music playback. And with the myriad of apps coming up every now and then, we can say that Android smartphone have become the most popular music players. So here are some of the best android music player apps that will definitely change your experience of streaming music and listening to songs.

best android music player apps

some of the best android music player apps

Pulsar Music player:


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The gorgeous looking material design app lets you to browse through your music by albums, folders, artists or genres. It comes packed with all essential features and some unusual ones including automatic artwork download, variety of themes, smart playlist and built in tag editing. Its free version has pretty much everything that you would require for basic use, but will a small one-off payment; you can access equalizer, a bass, reverb booster and numerous additional themes.

Shuttle Music Player:


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It is probably the nicest looking music app Android has to offer. Shuttle comes with an amazing line up of features that includes automatic downloads for lyrics and artwork and a six band equalizer. Shuttle also makes use of Last. Fm scrobbling that can work out which songs you usually listen to most of the times and help to tailor playlists of your liking. Its paid version brings in folder browsing, many more themes and even Chromecast support.



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This music player apps is a lot different than the conventional ones. It offers a sleek and elegant interface to users and it comes with Floating Lyrics widget that synchronizes lyrics to music you are listening. Also it lets you to read them you are listening songs on your device’s defaults music player, YouTube, Spotify or any other music app. You can even try typing lyrics to the widget and you get a matching song for the same. This unique feature makes Musixmatch the real winner.

jetAudio Music Player:


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It’s one of those better music players offered by Android, mostly because of its awesome host of effects and tweaks that you can add while listening to music. The plugins include Bongiovi DPS and AM3D Audio Enhancer that enhances sound processing in ways which audio enthusiasts will love. Pay up for the Plus version and get a whole new set of viewing options, widgets, pitch shifting and a lot more.



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This all round media player is capable of handling music as well as video with equal aplomb. Considering the music side of things, MixZing has a feature that can recognize your music and match it up with lyrics and artwork even without the tags. Also there is a Mood Player, which will automatically create playlist for you based on how your mood is. And when you get online, you also get listening recommendations based upon your favorite tunes.

PlayerPro Music Player:


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Hovering around the top of the list of best Android music players is PlayerPro music player apps. This app allows you to download album art and display while playing music. There are a variety of themes, skins and extensions that you can use with the player for customizing your experience. You can edit song tags from the app directly and there’s scrobbling support for sites for you can synchronize your listening habits. The music app comes with a range of options for screen widget lock so as to provide quicker access to the music player. All its features have been rounded off with smart playlists that adapt easily to your listening habits.

Google Play Music:


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This app comes by default in most of the Android smartphones and it provides you access to a huge catalog of music online. Stream it if you are having a subscription but with the app, you can also play music from your smartphone library. Your Google account is synced with Google Play Music, so you can access your songs and playlists across multiple devices. Based on music library and current listening habits, Google Music Play even offers customized recommendations.

n7player Music Player:


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A horde of things are different in this music player apps like a tag cloud where song names and artists are displayed on your smartphone screen in different sizes, mostly depending upon how are listening to them. The interface looks great and it comes with own equalizer and haptic feedback. It is a lot creative and offers some really cool use of multi touch. n7 is a great combination of innovative UI and advanced features and you only have to try it to know exactly how great it is. The free version of this music player is a bit limited but you can unlock more interesting features through a purchase.

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