7 top unlocked Android phones

Nothing can beat the freedom of an unlocked android phones in a lot of ways. Unlocked android phones can work with all T-Mobile or AT&T SIM cards, even without a data plan. Pop in as local, do not pay hefty internal roaming charges, pay as you go card overseas and not having to deal with the carrier installed bloatware are what make unlocked phones the real heroes. It has become a lot easier for customers these days to purchase an off contract device rather than to afford one with a 2 year contract.

list of 7 top unlocked android phones:

Apple iPhone 6s:


Apple iPhone 6s


The sim free version of iPhone 6s delivers all the software and hardware goodness that would normally expect from an iPhone. It also gives you an option for changing wireless carriers and carry the device with you. With amazing speeds and reception on all major US networks and excellent performance abroad, iPhone 6s unlocked delivers significantly healthier Internet connection than all previous iPhones. And needless to say, it has the top notch camera, a great processor and Apple’s new 3D touch feature.

Google Nexus 6P:


Google Nexus 6P


The unlocked version of Nexus 6P may not be perfect, but it is in fact the closest Google has been able to produce to fulfill the Android users wish list wanting a true flagship-level Nexus phone. All major issues of Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 have been addressed in this new smartphone. A reliable great camera with enhanced low lighting performance, long battery life and beautiful aluminum build are top attractions of Nexus 6P. Apart from these upgrades, there’s also a fingerprint scanner, dual front facing speakers, a 5.7 inched AMOLED display and USB-C port enabling quick charging.

One Plus 2:


One Plus 2


The unlocked One Plus 2 is the flagship killer that the smartphone manufacturer promises, power packed with latest mobile tech at a great price. The 5.5 inches full HD LCD amazes the spec obsessed and so do the excellent contrast and viewing angles. The One Plus supports a huge range of wireless spectrums like T-Mobile and AT&T with support for 4G LTE. Offering unparalleled performance and value in a spectacular package, One Plus 2 is amongst the top picks for unlocked android phones.

Apple iPhone SE:


Apple iPhone SE


A small phone can only cater to small demands is a complete myth. And Apple iPhone SE is just the living example with a careful balance of components that many people had been waiting for. The iPhone SE comes with the same screen, body and storage as that of 5s, a front camera as 6 and shared its rear camera and processor with 6s. These components make up for a device that run on latest apps and fits perfectly in a child’s hand.

HTC 10:


HTC 10


HTC 10 comes with the best audio experience supported by powerful DAC and superb BoomSound speakers that can also power pro grade headphones. The other key aspects of this phone include a powerful CPU, an ultra-sharp screen, a couple of great cameras and a gorgeous metal body that comes with the best warranty in business.

Motorola Moto G:


Moto G3


Motorola has gotten all the basics just right with this handset: low price, good call quality and long battery life and that has made the initial two versions most popular entry level phones of the world. The unlocked Moto G3 still continues the trend of low end smartphones, with a lot of new innovations. Call quality is amazing and Moto G outblasts most of the other smartphones because of its thundering loud volume. Battery life is excellent the light software build makes Moto G speedier and swifter that any other entry level competing smartphone.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL:


Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL


This affordable smartphone from Asus is Intel powered and offers great power for the amazing price. The ZenFone 2 Laser is a lot similar to ZenFone 2, with the same 5.5 inched display, faux brushed metal back, rear facing volume button and same button layouts. However with the potent combination of price and performance, the unlocked Asus Zenfone 2 laser is a stiff competition for the affordable Alacatel OneTouch Idol 3 and Moto G.

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