The new upcoming Galaxy Note 6 is one phablet worth waiting for. Android lovers and Samsung punters are waiting for it to be released in the third quarter of this year. According to Evan Blass, whose information is believed to be the most accurate in the industry, has leaked that Galaxy note 6 is to be released in the USA on August 15th 2016. Looking at the specifications and the target segment, it may beat iPhone 7 too.
Priced at around 50,000 INR, this piece is worth it. Some of the reasons worth considering are:

  • Crazy Specs that include Qualcomm’s snapdragon 823 chipset, new feature of S-Pen, a 2K display but most importantly the 6GB RAM takes one’s breath away. It’s a lot of memory for sheer performance productivity optimization and to one’s surprise it can be a google daydream VR platform – compatible devise (still under discussion). This can also be attributed to the upcoming ChromeOS (which is still a possible theory) for which Samsung is featuring 6GB RAM in Galaxy note 6. Well, you never know!


  • Phenomenal new camera: Snapper in note 6 makes a big difference. When compared to other phones, Camera if it’s your priority and wins the war for you. It is working on 1/1.7-inch CMOS camera sensor with an aperture as wide as ƒ/1.7 which again is a much awaited specification not offered in any phone. Galaxy Note 6 competitors will have to work hard to keep up to the game board.


  • Display size: For users who read a lot on their handsets, Galaxy Note 6 is a boon. The screen size is rumored to be at 5.77 inches SUPER AMOLED with 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution. This phone brings phenomenal changes in the Android market and a ready to showcase sensation for the world. Additionally, it has been claimed that there will be an IRIS scanner on the board.


  • Samsung Focus: This new feature for productivity will work similar to blackberry hub where the user can keep track of all the notifications from mails to tweets. Users will have the liberty to switch between personal and official accounts effortlessly. Google material designs have been used to make the user interface which accounts for most it’s praise.


  • Striking design: Be it a normal design or a display like that of an edge, Samsung has nailed it. Samsung as of now is still testing the two display categories and will soon come out with one decision.


  • Massive Storage or a Mini Laptop? Not only can you keep yourself away from the big screen laptops but also get a freedom of downloading and keeping your files with u on the go even while u travel. The 256 GB INERNAL MEMORY is a kick and the sole unique selling point for Note 6. There is likely to be a SD card storage support too. Another question that arises is that of a removable battery installation in Note 6 or not. Not many would agree with Samsung but a removable battery is not required from the users end unlike for the ones with LG Moto G series.
    There are still debates going on if Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be launched with Android’s most awaited Android N or Marshmallow. For that one will have to wait and watch the game.

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