5 reasons to prefer Android N over IPhone

 With an official announcement over revelation of Android N’s name in a few weeks, there is a building curiosity if one should go for iPhone or Android N. I would give you five concrete reasons to consider an Android N. Apart from the new safety features and the launch of new fun emoji icons, Android N is also open to instant apps that are times to be launched during the same time pf the launch of Android Beta.

  1. Get excited about VR headsets: Googles Daydream will work with only phones with specific screens and sensors. By simply downloading the VR app a user can now get tremendously smooth Virtual Reality experience. Inside the VR environment, google has created its very own versions of websites like YouTube and various google inbuilt apps. Unlike Google Cardboard which could be used in IPhone as well, Daydream will be only used for the upcoming Android N phones only which means it is incompatible with an IPhone.
  2. Multi/split window: being able to have 2 apps simultaneously. Though this feature is already available in iPad but not in iPhone, Android N will support split screen on both the devices. This will not only enable users to multi task but also increase their productivity. Thus, gives an edge to Android N over IPhone.android-n-lead
  3. New feature: Quick Switch, improvements such as the double tap button (if you want to go back and forth from using a calendar to your Gmail), improvements in the notifications section where you can reply instantly without happening to open the app. You can now modify notifications to show silently or block them. Data server feature to enable/disable will give the users full control saving the internet quota by adjusting data download behind the scenes.
  4. Google Assistant: works better than IPhone’s Siri. Engages in a better natural conversation just like you can have with a person. Google assistant also allows you to make a hotel table reservation- just say “Italian restaurant table booking”. The assistant is available in two forms, one as a chat app by the name of ‘Allo’ while the other one as an audio only speaker like called ‘Google Home’.
  5. Doze on the go: The best battery saving feature to be seen with the launch of Android N. An extension and a superior version of the current battery saving app ‘Doze’ (introduced with Marshmallow), ‘Doze on the Go’ operates even when your phone is idle and not really in use.

    Moreover, there are other reasons too to favor an Android N over IPhone basically considering the kind of control an Android gives a user over an IPhone which rather controls the UI. Addition to that, the prices for an IPhone accessories like battery charger cannot easily be replaced with any other company accessories since IPhone is incompatible with any other brand. One of the strong USP of an Android N would always be its customization depth level that cannot be achieved with an IPhone.

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