5 features you will love in the new Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi has taken the world by storm by offering quality products at competitive prices worldwide. In fact, the company has been growing exponentially since its first burst into the world scene, launching the Mi series of smartphones.


The latest offering from this Chinese giant is the Xiaomi Mi Max. This new feature rich smartphone of Xiaomi which was launched a week ago in China is expected to hit the global markets soon. We take a look at the top 5 features you will love in the new Xiaomi Mi Max that will make owning it a delight:


Large Display:-

The Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone comes with a 6.44-inch IPS LCD touchscreen display that offers a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels at a whooping PPI of 342 pixels per inch. You get the max in terms of viewing pleasure; the display is just as big and sharp as you would want.

Longer Battery life

This smartphone comes with a 4850 mAh non-removable battery, which is the highest capacity in all of company’s smartphones. Xiaomi claims that battery lasts for 14 hours of video streaming in single charge. Long battery life is one of the fundamental features each smartphone user look while buying a new phone and this phone can be the answer for that. The best part is even though this phone packs a powerful battery, this does not compromise with the dimensions. With just 7-7.5 mm thickness, this smartphones doesn’t look all that thick.

xiaomi max

Processing power

The Mi Max is powered by a hexa-core processor by Qualcomm, either a Snapdragon 650 or 652 processors. This smartphone is available in three models, one with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage running on the Snapdragon 650 chipset. The second and the third are equipped with the Snapdragon 652 processor and are available with either 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage capacity or 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal memory.

Storage up to 128 GB

Another feature that you will love in Xiaomi Mi Max is the freedom to choose internal storage capacity that you need for your phone. Xiaomi provides you with three options of 16 GB, 32 GB and 128GB storage space. Along with 128 GB internal storage the phone comes with 4GB RAM and with 32 GB/ 64 GB comes 3GB RAM. With 32 GB of internal being the lower limit for internal storage, this smartphone has a killer configuration that will please young minds and businessmen alike.


Finger print sensor

This smartphone comes equipped with a finger print scanner, something usually found only in the high end models which are ultra-expensive. The sensor that is present in the back of the device not only helps the user to authorize a payment or unlock the device but also can work as a universal remote since it has infrared emitter.

With configuration that can put the high-end phones to shame and a feature packed design, the Xiaomi Mi Max is definitely going to steal hearts of the users and cause heart aches to its rivals.


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