10 best Android Navigation apps to use

In this age of smartphones Navigation Apps are among the fundamental features offered. These Apps help you to travel in a new place without getting lost. There are several third party navigation Apps available in the PlayStore for you to try.

Navigation Apps

list of 10 best Android Navigation Apps we bring you our observations on them:

1. Waze Social GPS, Maps and Traffic:

Waze Social GPS, Maps and Traffic

This is one of the most popular community based navigation and traffic mobile App. Using this you can drive safe and save money. This also enables the member in the community to share traffic information. You get information about the gas price around your locality and can select the cheapest one. This App has the ability to report accidents, other hazards and warn about police traps. You can add your friends and can see the time of their arrival if your destination is same. But the most beneficial feature is that Waze stops running if you have not driven for sometime.

2. MapFactor:




GPS Navigation: This is an offline navigation App by Open Street Maps which is free to download. This has the feature called day/night mode to change color patters for day and night driving. Do not worry thinking that this is an offline navigation App, it is updated every month for free.

3. HERE Maps:




Using this you can travel in any direction by any means. You get the directions to travel by public transport, by walk or by own transport. While driving you get voice guidance with traffic alerts and even speed limit in the area. With online navigation HERE Maps also provide offline navigation.

4. Me offline:


MAPS.Me offline


This is another offline Map which is available in the market which gives you the shortest and accurate route to your destination. Do not think that you will not find places of your interest since it is offline; this map gives you all the information.

5. Google Maps:


Google Maps


This is a preinstalled App in all the android devices and the most used navigation tool. Along with the basic navigation Google Maps gives some other features like street view, 3D view and even gives a view of the heavenly objects which is available as a separate App called Google Earth. In case if you lost your way in between Google Maps reroutes your path and leads you to your destination.

6.Polaris Navigation:


Polaris Navigation


Polaris gives you the power of offline navigation when you go for hiking, fishing, camping or boating. Voice navigation is made available by digital coordination with the Google Maps installed. An interesting feature of Polaris Navigation is that Polaris allows you to create your own maps from different sources using their Mobile Atlas Creator tool.





This is one of the advanced navigation Apps with 3D offline maps from TomTom (A Dutch Telematics Company which develops traffic, navigation and mapping products). This map gives you warnings about the traffic and speed/radar cameras. It also gives you suggestions about the parking area with lowest price. The company has other navigation Apps also like Car Navigation, Family Locator and Speed Camera & Traffic.

8.GPS Essentials:


GPS Essentials


The owners of this product claim that their product is a complete navigation product. This has a Compass which shows the origin of magnetic field of earth and can also be used as marine compass. GPS Essentials support integration of other Map Apps like MapQuest, Google Map and MapFactor. But a drawback of this navigation App is that it will show advertising. The Micatel.com the developer of this App warns you about this beforehand.

9.Navmii GPS World:


Navmii GPS World


This is another free navigation app which comes with OSM (OpenStreetMaps) offline maps. To use this map you need the GPS but internet is not a must. This is widely used by drivers and it gives voice-based navigation, points of interest, live traffic info and even driver score. Internet free operation would reduce your mobile bills!

10.Maverick GPS Navigation:


Maverick GPS Navigation


This navigation App comes as free version and paid version. This is another navigation App which allows you to navigate using GPS and offline maps downloaded. This means you do not need internet connection. Maverick gives you access to several local and global online maps like OSM (OpenStreetMaps), Bing and Google Maps. You can share your location with any one with GPS coordinates. You can buy Maverick Pro for just Rs. 460 and you can get added features and lot more offline maps.


Above I have listed the most popular 10 navigation Apps that you can install in your Android device. These are wonderful solutions to help you reach the destination of your choice without any difficulty. Now it is your turn to explore these Navigation Apps for your Android device and decide on which one suite you best. Happy Navigation!

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