10 best Android antivirus apps you should use

The subject of security on an Android platform has long been on debate. Whether or not you should have one of those Android antivirus apps installed on your smartphone has always remained to be one of the major concerns. When you spend a long span of time with your smartphone, you will have noticed a dramatic slowdown in its speed and performance and we bet you must have incorporated a lot of things to make your device run faster. Amongst the various aspects holding back the potential of your smartphone, virus is a tempting and obvious answer and that is where the necessity of antivirus apps comes in.

list of the top ten best Android antivirus  apps :

CM Security:


cm security


This is an award winning security application available that provides the best malware protection for Android. Cheetah Mobile, a popular research company has developed the app and credible reports justifying its authenticity have been produced on Android platform. The CM Security app is fast, comprehensive and caters to your security needs just perfectly.

360 Security:


360 Security


This popular long standing Android antivirus apps has all the whistles and bells required to offer protection for your phone. It employs a natural antivirus engine that scans for your files automatically and updates the definitions. Every installation that you have made from the Play Store or beyond passes through the 360 real time security protection before it can be used on your phone. Additionally, 360 is also a system cleaner which frees up your RAM, cleans out all junk files and has some clean power saving features also.

Kaspersky Internet Security:


Kaspersky Internet Security


The PC version of this amazing app is more often showered with accolades and has been voted as the best internet security suite many a times. Its free mobile version offers up all standard anti malware protection which you can expect along with an entire host of anti-theft features. By upgrading to its premium version, you can also get cloud protection, anti-phishingprotection for text messaging and privacy protection while surfing the web.

Avast Mobile Security:


Avast Mobile Security


This genuine free app offers an impressive range of tools on android platform. Its anti-virus protection scans for your apps and provides details regarding what they do and there’s a web shield that scans the URLs for malware. The best of this security app is its anti-theft component. It’s hidden and it allows you to control your smartphone remotely using SMS so that when you lose your phone, you can locate it, lock it and wipe it. Also you can lock the SIM card and prevent USB debugging. The fact that this security app comes for free, has varied range of features and provides protection for the rooted devices makes it a solid contender.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus:


ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus


The basic free app from ESET provides real time scans of various applications for detecting malware and identifying potentially dodgy apps trying to make premium rate calls or send texts. The free version of this app also includes a set of anti-theft tools through which you can remotely lock as well as locate your Android device and prevent others from uninstalling apps.

AVG Antivirus Security:


AVG Antivirus Security


This is a free application that offers protection for your smartphone in real time from malicious applications, viruses and other spyware. You can use it to review your applications, settings, files and much more. Also there is an option to shut down apps that are slowing down your smartphone significantly or abusing your battery. If your device is lost, you can use the app to delete or block important information and locate it via Google Maps as well.

Norton Security Antivirus:


Norton Security Antivirus


Norton Security Antivirus is free and it removes and blocks malware. If you are ready to pay for the premium version, you can get a whole lot of additional features like remote locking the device and Sneak Peak, which captures pictures of people using the device when you have flagged it as stolen. Its premium version also comes with App Advisor which checks apps automatically for privacy risks, suspicious behavior and high battery use.

LastPass Authenticator:


LastPass Authenticator


With LastPass, comes a password manager application that lets you store all of your passwords under one single master password in a safe location. Now, the security has been expanded to provide for a two factor authentication tool. There is a 6 digit code generated by LastPass Authenticator for verifying your account which works with the password manager and any TOTP compatible apps.

Avira Antivirus Security:


Avira Antivirus Security


With an almost 100 percent detection rate, your Android device is completely safe with Avira. The app scans for any potential trouble and it automatically scans the new updates or apps. Also there is the usual suite of antitheft tools that help to locate your device remotely, wipe it, lock it or trigger any alarms. Its identity safeguard tool tells when your email account is being leaked or compromised. There’s a decent blacklisting option range that can block all your problem callers. Pay for its premium version and you can add better support, anti-phishing options and more regular updates. However people are quite happy with the free version since it covers enough bases.





This is an old and yet the best Android antivirus apps that has been reigning for years in this industry. With their powerful and sophisticated cloud based technology, they do not allow malware or virus to even reach your smartphone. The Bitdefender app lets you to detect and kill viruses pretty accurately which target mainly Android devices. It prevents any malicious app installations in your phone and you can also save your battery from getting drained as well. The app is packed with heavy power efficiency features which reduce maximum workload on CPU. The negligible battery consumption of this app is impressing and the fact that you don’t need any of the battery saver Android apps is just great.

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